Rizzoli & Isles Review: Daddy Issues

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In a few short weeks, the winter season of Rizzoli & Isles managed to take my favorite characters and throw them into circumstances that had alarming consequences.

Remember when Jane was upset with Maura for withholding information from her about her brother? Well, that rift was nothing compared to the chasm created between our dynamic duo at the end of "Burning Down the House."

Romance for Rizzoli

When Jane shot Doyle, Maura looked horrified, angry and completely betrayed by her best friend. And you could feel Jane's heart break as Maura practically snarled at her to stay away.

Had it only been a day or so before that Jane was the first person Maura called when her mother's life was on the line? Wasn't Jane the only one she trusted to find the person who ran them down? Yes to both... but now it was also Jane who shot her father while the man was trying to protect his child. 

This time Maura didn't respond with a doctor's good sense or a best friend's understanding. Suddenly she was a daughter desperately looking to protect the father she barely knew and hoping his secrets wouldn't die with him.

As soon as Doyle offered to tell Maura who her biological mother was and she turned him down, I knew the mobster's days were numbered. However, I was shocked that Jane was the one to pull the trigger.

Also involved in this scenario was Agent Gabriel Dean. I know Dean has his fans, but I've grown fond of Casey over the last several episodes. Casey seemed completely smitten with the talented detective and made the effort to keep in touch despite being overseas, which is more than I could say for Dean. I wasn't thrilled when Dean showed up with flowers and even less happy when Jane fell into bed with him.

When Jane told Gabriel about Patty Doyle's reappearance, she asked him to leave it alone as a personal favor to her and he agreed. Yet somehow he ended up at that warehouse and it looked as though he'd followed Doyle. 

Without knowing any other details, it's hard to say but it's possible that Dean went back on that promise. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the summer to see how Jane reads that situation and if Dean stays in the picture.

As far as the arson plot that set all of this in motion, I enjoyed it until the end. It felt like the loose ends were tied up too quickly as the fire became secondary to the story of Maura and her wayward father.

So... were you happy to see Agent Dean back in the picture... and in Jane's bed? Will Maura forgive and forget or will this incident have lasting effects on our beloved Rizzoli & Isles? Sadly, we have plenty of time to discuss these issues: summer is a long way off.


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This started as a great cop show but has turned into a soap opera. I like all the actors, but we need more law enforcement, less mush...


Jane and Dean will not marry, just because of the books. This series is different from the books. In the books Maura and Jane are just work friends, not close as in series. Frankie isn't even a cop in the books. I would like to see more of Casey, and even a Maura and Frankie hookup. I also think that Doyle will not be dead, Janet Tamaro even said she researched falls, and at what height someone could survive. I agree that Maura's adoptive mom will turn out to be her aunt, but I also think for once, Maura should be hurt by Doyle's enemy, she needs more action. Her Character is more interestiong than Jane's. One last comment though, why was Maura surprises when doyle showed her those pics in the hospital, he had already showed her them in the 1st season when she found out who he was. So that understanding of him caring, was already established.


I had a wonderful thought out post written and my computer crapped and ate it. I don't feel like trying to re-write it all so my main thoughts. Jane isn't the marrying type. While the books might have started the series it will probably take on a life of its own and end up very different. Maura's mom is probably her real life aunt and her younger sister had Maura. The two story lines coming together felt forced and they didn't tie up the firefighters death being a total accident of if they guy that set the fire also rubbed the cough syrup on the mask.


Janet Tamaro has said she doesn't plan on marrying any of the ladies off. Let's hope so, as someone who didn't read the books Dean came off creepy. Forget about who he is supposed to be in the books and look at who he is on the show. They've had coffee twice, dinner once, 2 autopsies, tackled him in a creek and they kissed once. How many conversations have these two actually had? And then he says he came back for one reason, to be with her. And you're tell me JANE RIZZOLI of all people didn't tilt her head like a confused puppy? The only character who's been introduced to the show who can say "I changed my job to be here with you" and it DOESN'T sound creepy, is that Ian guy. Even if Casey said it it'd be creepy, not as creepy as Dean but still. Even Grant could get away with it before Dean could. I dunno, I refuse to just follow along with this Dean/Jane romance simply because they are married in the book. They need to develop a relationship between them, not just BAM they're a couple. It's lazy writing.
Also, season 1 when one of Hoyt's apprentices was after Jane, Maura sat up all night on her couch pointing a gun at the door just so Jane could get some sleep, then the next day Maura wouldn't leave her friend's side even to change her clothes. Now Maura, who has no sibling or other friends, and ONLY has Jane, is sitting alone in the hospital by her mother's side with a crazy person after her, while Jane...is having sex with Dean....That's right JANE, the most loyal character on the whole show, is with a boy while her best friend is in the middle of a crisis. Forget the fact that she shot her father, Jane's got her reasons for that, but this? Not being there for Maura, how are they gonna explain that in S3? Or will it go unmentioned?


When Paddy said the word, "Hope" while he was dying, I think he was telling Maura her birth mother's name. That's the impression I got anyway. I have no doubt our 2 friends will mend fences pretty quickly. With Maura's foster mother in the hospital there will be plenty of oppurtunity for bonding over grief. And let's not forget about her unknown birth mother. Trying to figure out her identity will inevitably provide more bonding moments.


I've also read the books. Wonder if they will stick with the original story line in terms of Jane's love interest. I agree that Maura has already met her birth mother as her birth mother and adoptive mother are, I suspect, one and the same. Stranger things have happened.


I really enjoyed this episode. I personally like Dean, propably because I've read the books...
But I'm not so sure of him staying around in the series. Yes, Jane and him get married in the books, but the series is so different to the books that it wouldn't surprise me, if they won't have Jane and Dean be a couple...


Rizolli marries Gabe Dean in the books . I imagine he will stay around


It actually seemed kind of unfair for Jane to tell Gabriel about Doyle but expect him to pretend she hadn't (seemed rather unprofessional and childish of her - either do your duty and let him do his, or keep quiet about it until he can act on the knowledge). Overall, though, I enjoyed the episode and thought the last 5 minutes were a great set up for next season.


Sorry to break it to you, but Gabriel is Jane's husband in the later books, so I would guess you should get used to him.

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