The Closer Review: RIP, Turrell Baylor

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"Silent Partner" finally brought the murder case of Turrell Baylor to a close. It should come as no surprise to any of us that it was members of his own gang who killed him, and would have done so whether Brenda dropped him into his own neighborhood or not.

The lawsuit against Brenda also wrapped up, wonder of wonders, as Peter Goldman was using unscrupulous methods to recruit new members for his case, and, in the process, lied while being interrogated. He had the names of five witnesses to Baylor's murder, but didn't give them up. Litigation dropped.

In Brenda's Office

There were, however, many downsides to this mid-season (seventh season? I'm still not sure how they are counting these episodes) finale. The end of the case was rather anti-climactic. Unfortunately for Mr. Baylor, it never really mattered who killed him. The legal system created an entire production around a gang death that is probably very similar to deaths that happen in other areas of Los Angeles every day.

Out of the melee came the "Johnson Rule," which essentially says the LAPD cannot let any suspect go into a potentially hostile environment. The ridiculousness of that wasn't lost on Raydor, who was understanding of Brenda's severe reaction to the rule being named for her, inadvertently making it appear she was guilty after all.

Goldman had oodles of information on a lot of people who now would want to harm him. He could comply with a security detail, or they could hold him, citing the Johnson Rule. After all, they can't let him on to the street knowing someone may want to hurt him. That would lead me to believe Curtis Armstrong will be riding out the last six episodes next summer.

The worst part of the episode? We didn't learn who, or what, the leak was. Pope, Sanchez and Raydor were all extremely faithful companions to Brenda during this particular investigation, knocking them out of the potential suspect list. The speech Sanchez gave to Brenda about not being able to trust anyone, making her own decisions, and not letting any of them know her course of action was depressing, but showed his loyalty to her.

When you get down to six remaining episodes and think back to the beginning, the distrust and inability to accept Brenda in her new position, and where the team is now, it's heartbreaking to think that someone on that team could be out to injure them all. Might it be Provenza? I noticed a weird look on his face, one that I had never seen before, and I started to question his integrity. He's a character I absolutely adore. I can't have that!

The one thing I wanted before we headed into the back six of the series was to know who the identity of the leak so we could deal with it and see what it meant to the team, its ability to recover, reconnect and move on... even if it meant preparations for the departure of Brenda. Alas, it was the day after Christmas, and I did not get my wish.


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I believe that the leak could be either Taylor or Pope. I am however going to eliminate Taylor,and go with Pope. He just does not get it, he seems to be devoid of a moral compass and is not a team player. He would think nothing of throwing anyone under the bus if it would further his career. Brenda and her team, is no exception, I believe he is threatened by her ability do her job, putting his position in jeopardy, and if it's possible he still has a thing for Brenda, and is threatened by her relationship with Fritz. He was the first to leave the TV room as if on a mission,I believe, to tell Goldman the latest news involving the "shotcaller"who was responsible for Baylors death. His attempt to persuade Brenda to accept the terms of the settlement, without reading the small print. He just seems to be too much of a 'politician' to care what happens to the head of his elite crimefighting team. After the interview with the shotcaller, revealing to Evans, that the lawyer knew who was responsible for baylor's death, therefore endangering the life the Goldman, one of the detective's remarked"that didn't go well" Capt. Radar said "it depends on what you think you saw, Will Pope quickly exited the room. Oblivious to the fact he was drawing attention to himself. The episode was the best, I .just hate we don't know for a fact who the leak really is. I know right? Big ups Brenda as usual you were outstanding.


Has anyone else thought that maybe Buzz is telling is sister the weather TV news woman who wants more, maybe she is getting the information from Buzz who is unaware she is passing it on. Just a thought. Taylor appears to be the one and with him being so upset about the past Chief’s death and him loosing his promotion. I also believe he is too obvious to be the leak who knows. Brenda is so close to David and he to her it would be out of character for him to betray her, even with him going behind her back a few episodes back. The bottom line is he does respect and cares about her. I would not be happy if it was any of her team members they are all too close. I cannot see Daniels being the one because she also cared about Brenda. Maybe Pope and there is plenty of evidence that it is him. Pope is out for himself and if he thought Brenda was going to hurt him getting the chief's job, he would drive the bus over her. I still cannot believe the show is over, I sure hope they will end the show with the actors being true to their characters. I love this show and have from the first episode.


I believe the looks between Provenza and Sanchez were because they are actively trying to protect Brenda and are probably investigating the leak together. They are tight. I love how Sanchez has always called Provenza "sir," and the obvious bond between the two men. I can't see the actor who plays Pope signing up for a spin-off. He has a lot of movie roles, and, well, I just can't see him continuing. I love that guy. I do think he is the leak.


I don't think it's going to be a random "never noticed background" character or some hacker. It would be a big letdown after all the hype of "Who's betraying Brenda?" all these weeks. As hard as it's going to be, it HAS to be someone close to her. It would be a big emotional climax to the series and further the process of Brenda moving back to Atlanta (that was started when she learned of her father's cancer). While we know that Captain Raydor will be heading the Major Crimes division in the spin-off, we have to think about which and how many of the current detectives will be staying on. I don't think they will just carry on with all of the same people. Gotta mix it up and bring in some fresh faces. So who's staying and who's going? The department has been pushing to get Provenza retired. Whatever happened to Sanchez's potential relationship with the mother of that boy he wanted to adopt? He could leave the division to be a father. And there's nothing to say that no one won't get killed before the series ends. I would imagine that the leak would wind up leaving the show. Or stick around as a semi-regular to fill the "ass" role that Commander Taylor had for so long?


There will definately be tears in my living room when the last episode of this show closes. Not since "Hill St. Blues" have I felt so close to the characters. I would like to think it is Taylor but there is no mystery there. Plus I don't think he is that smart. I would hate to think it is any of her team. She would be devestated and so would many of her fans. As for Fritz, no way! So that leaves Pope. Maybe it will be some obscure person that none of us even remembers. I have not missed a show and also watch the reruns.Can't wait until this summer to get all the questions answered. However it will be bitter sweet.


After watching last nights show, I was shocked and surprised at some of the facial expressions by Provenza. I had never noticed him with a more puzzled and concerned/worried and fearful look like he had. But, I just don't want to believe it's him. I still believe it may be Pope especially after his quick exit from the electronics room and the way he kept telling Peter Goldman to shut up.I sure was hoping to find out who the leak is last night. Guess not now till Summer 2012 now. It can't be Fritz--no, no way. They make a great couple on the show. Could it be possible that someone has been hacking into their electronics/computers/cell phones to feed Peter Goldman?!!! Just a thought! I am really gonna' miss this show.


Pope for sure. Is there any question.


Can't be Taylor - too obvious. I go with Pope. He has lots of jealously and resentment toward Brenda. And no way it's anyone on her team.


Capt Taylor is the culprit! If u remember captain Rader told him and Pope she was taking a new job and Goldberg found out quickly before it got out and that was done by Rader to find the leak


I think its pope. He left the room first while the whole team was watching the interigation. I would have liked to see more of Fritz in last nights episode. some people think that maybe the computer equipment is bugged!

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