The Finder Sneak Peek: He Will Hunt You Down!

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The Finder returns - or debuts, however you want to look at it - January 12 on Fox, after Bones' midseason finale, which was awkwardly pushed back until next to serve as a lead-in for the spinoff.

If you can forgive the new show for taking the place of Bones, which goes on hiatus until the spring after January 12, due to Emily Deschanel's maternity leave, it might actually be worth watching.

In the nearly three-minute sneak preview below, the Fox show's cast re-introduces - or in the case of newcomer Mercedes Masohn as Isabel (replacing Saffron Burrows' Ike), introduces - their characters.

The show follows Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults) and his unique gift, being able to track things and people no one else can. Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) is his legal adviser, bodyguard, friend ... you name it.

Get acquainted and check out a bunch of clips from The Finder premiere below and tell us: Will you watch? If you don't, there could be consequences. Leo and Walter can and will hunt you down.

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This Show will be great ,it amazes me how people hate it so much.

Sue ann

Not a chance. I will use the time to knit spare tea cosys before watching this thing. Pity. I, too, like Michael Clarke Duncan.


We (my mom and I) rewatched the Bones "Finder" episode and we are excited about the show. It is going to be nice to Michael Clarke Duncan in a regular TV role. We both really like him and its nice to see him in a steady TV role as opposed to his few hit movies (Armageddon and The Green Mile). Over all we are excited to see the Finder as its own show and hope that it takes off on its own.


Three words to describe this: weird, inapropiate and can't-freaking-wait-to-see

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The Finder Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.