The Good Wife Round Table: "Parenting Made Easy"

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Alicia Florrick nearly suffered through her biggest nightmare on The Good Wife last Sunday, while fans of her and Will as a couple did, indeed, endure a troubling resolution to this pairing.

What did you think of "Parenting Made Easy?" In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and  Carissa Pavlica discuss...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Eli trying to be friendly, and then Will calling him out on it. These two rarely interact, but it was fun to see the former get put in his place a bit, while also reminding me that he works with Peter. I had forgotten.

Christine: I really enjoyed the back and forth between Alicia and Canning as they both backed up their apprentices. Martha showed that she could hold a grudge, Caitlin proved she was blonde, not stupid, and even the mediator was entertaining.

Carissa: I hate to say it, but the talk Grace and Alicia had about happiness. I was genuinely pleased that Grace cared so much about her mothers state of mind. Shows she's growing up.

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Did Alicia make the right choice in dumping Will?
Matt: Absolutely. There's clearly been something missing between these two, namely an open discussion about their feelings. Hot sex is cool when you're just out of college, but Alicia has two kids and a non-public separation. Oh, Will is also her boss.

Christine: Yes, but only because I think she needs to end her marriage with Peter before she can have anything real with anyone else. The unexpected part in all of this was that Will always seemed more invested in this relationship than Alicia. Unfortunately, he turned out to be one distraction too many.

Carissa: They don't really have a relationship. They were merely doing each other. It causes her so many different problems, such as guilt and anxiety, I don't see any reason they should stay together. If Alicia decides she is interested in having something other than a fling, I think he will be willing to to jump back in.

Should Alicia go work for Louis Canning?
Matt: I can't think of any reason why should should not. She'd be able to spend more time with her children and, what, Canning has shady clients and/or practices? Wake up, A, so does Lockhart/Gardner.

Christine: No, at least not unless she loses her position at Lockhart Gardner. Canning is just as cutthroat as any attorney, no matter how friendly a face he tries to put on it.

Carissa: Absolutely not. Knowing that he stole a document from her bag was the last straw for me. I find that pathetic. He can't win a case without theft? For shame.

Grace's kidnapping: Tense or lame?
Matt: Lame. It was obvious all along that Grace would be safe and it simply came across as a contrived plot device to force her split with Will.

Christine: From the moment Alicia got the phone call I thought it was tense, but I never believed Grace was in any real danger. I disliked the way it ended. Why wouldn't Kalinda call Alicia the moment she found the girl?And since Kalinda obviously told Grace what was happening, why wouldn't the girl immediately call her parents? That didn't make sense to me.

Carissa: During the event it was tense. The conclusion was lame.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


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Hope alicia and will are done for good...


I don't know why people keep thinking that Alicia will get back with Will, its not going to happen not in the fiction or real world. As the story goes on he will be put out of the picture completely, she will start to see what she had with Peter and how he has turned himself around and meant it. The old cleshay of do it once you will do it again is an old wivestale start back in the 1800, all men are not that way and don't forget women play the same game too is Alicia going that way.
Alicia has never wanted to acknoledge the separation or completely address the divorce thats because she still has a deep love for Peter, playing with Will was a way to get back but seems to be working the wrong way we will see.


Nevermind, I just read over my typos. yikes


I have to say, I really do find it funny with people that the show's name literally. It's clearly not meant that way. So often in society we see these women stand by their cheating, no-good husbands and often we wonder why. This is a show about that woman. She's the mother, she's the wife,the person that keeps everything together and often pays more dearly for her husband's mistakes than he does. This show is about letting us all know that these women are not weak but strong and also letting the wives know that its never too late to re-start that career. Anyways, with that off my chest, on to the questions!


Sorry I meant to say relationship from college. One thing I agree with everyone. Its about time for Alicia and Kalinda to kiss and makeup...


Its surprising to see how many people don't like Alicia's kids. In my opinion they are normal teenagers that sometimes get in the way of the adults plans like teens seem to do. Some said they want Alicia with Will because the relationship is equal. I don't see how she can have an equal relationship with someone that is her boss. People also forget that we are suppose to believe that Alicia had years of happiness with Peter without ever thinking about Will which was a high school relationship. Or was she just pretending to be happy before she discovered her husband's affairs? Alicia has never wanted to acknoledge the separation or completely address the divorce. I think the writers won't give up on the Will/Alicia relationship, but lets not forget the name of the show. (The Good Wife) not just the lawyer or the single mom. I'm sure they are struggling on the direction they want to go.


There is no way the writers are going to put them back together again, from this point on there is no love and there wasn't any from the start. The story line is going to put the Lockhart&Gardiner firm on the hot seat and show everyone what Will and Diann have been involved in for years that can put them in prison like 20yrs to life.
We will down the line see more of Peter's involvement with her again but in a way she will have a better understanding of life and family.


Our country seems to be against all odds right now. The Alicia and Will relationship also is against many existing odds. We need to believe in love having the winning chance against all odds. Surely our good writers will define our best living core in loving by developing and regrouping Alicia and Will to better be able to participate in a more equal and loving core relationship. How we need to believe in the realization of goodness and love in today's world....Alicia/Will. I have faith in the Kings' humaness and wisdom as well as their talents and skills. You go, writers.


I disagree with you if she were to stay hookedup with Will her life would be a living hell putting up with all his BS that she doesn't see yet. She would be throwing out everything that means the most to her and wouldn't be able to get it back.
Peter's long-time cheating didn't make him a failure as a husband not to be trusted, on the other hand her long time hidden cheating with the boss is about the same. From day one I have yet to see any wrongdoing by Peter to make him the bad guy, he made the committment to her and stood by it. But on the other hand she didn't but said she would, we have yet to find out about the Kalinda affair that don't make sense regarding she is a lesbian. The facts show she left her job at the SA office and her name was changed, that doesn't sound like an affair more like a coverup on her past.

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