The Good Wife Round Table: "Parenting Made Easy"

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Alicia Florrick nearly suffered through her biggest nightmare on The Good Wife last Sunday, while fans of her and Will as a couple did, indeed, endure a troubling resolution to this pairing.

What did you think of "Parenting Made Easy?" In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and  Carissa Pavlica discuss...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Eli trying to be friendly, and then Will calling him out on it. These two rarely interact, but it was fun to see the former get put in his place a bit, while also reminding me that he works with Peter. I had forgotten.

Christine: I really enjoyed the back and forth between Alicia and Canning as they both backed up their apprentices. Martha showed that she could hold a grudge, Caitlin proved she was blonde, not stupid, and even the mediator was entertaining.

Carissa: I hate to say it, but the talk Grace and Alicia had about happiness. I was genuinely pleased that Grace cared so much about her mothers state of mind. Shows she's growing up.

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Did Alicia make the right choice in dumping Will?
Matt: Absolutely. There's clearly been something missing between these two, namely an open discussion about their feelings. Hot sex is cool when you're just out of college, but Alicia has two kids and a non-public separation. Oh, Will is also her boss.

Christine: Yes, but only because I think she needs to end her marriage with Peter before she can have anything real with anyone else. The unexpected part in all of this was that Will always seemed more invested in this relationship than Alicia. Unfortunately, he turned out to be one distraction too many.

Carissa: They don't really have a relationship. They were merely doing each other. It causes her so many different problems, such as guilt and anxiety, I don't see any reason they should stay together. If Alicia decides she is interested in having something other than a fling, I think he will be willing to to jump back in.

Should Alicia go work for Louis Canning?
Matt: I can't think of any reason why should should not. She'd be able to spend more time with her children and, what, Canning has shady clients and/or practices? Wake up, A, so does Lockhart/Gardner.

Christine: No, at least not unless she loses her position at Lockhart Gardner. Canning is just as cutthroat as any attorney, no matter how friendly a face he tries to put on it.

Carissa: Absolutely not. Knowing that he stole a document from her bag was the last straw for me. I find that pathetic. He can't win a case without theft? For shame.

Grace's kidnapping: Tense or lame?
Matt: Lame. It was obvious all along that Grace would be safe and it simply came across as a contrived plot device to force her split with Will.

Christine: From the moment Alicia got the phone call I thought it was tense, but I never believed Grace was in any real danger. I disliked the way it ended. Why wouldn't Kalinda call Alicia the moment she found the girl?And since Kalinda obviously told Grace what was happening, why wouldn't the girl immediately call her parents? That didn't make sense to me.

Carissa: During the event it was tense. The conclusion was lame.

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The breakup makes sense, but it's devastating nontheless. About Grace not calling home ... her cell phone battery was dead. Kalinda probably figured that Alicia wouldn't pick up the call if it's from her cell phone.


Dear friends, i'm Paola from italy. I'm watching the fiction on streaming, because on italian television we are at the second part of the show, and it's not the same thing to watch The good wife with original voices and in the real time. In any case, for me Alicia and Will are THE couple, the love, the new beginning. They just have to speak one each other. To confess their real needs. Peter is the old and conservative life, Will is the possibility of identification and equal relationship. Than, is so sexy..and sweet at the end, even if Mr Big is always not so bed..but he reminds me too much the conservative old fashion too rich man of Sex and the city.
In any case, great drama, great actors, Democratic contest and good attention to the human and civil rights. Margulies is huge, and the Scott touch is, go on Kings, but think to all female Willicia fans! Sorry for some possible mistakes in english..bye bye from Milano Paola Silvia Paola


Favorite Scene: It had to be Eli and Will, especially after the Scotch was poured. Seeing Eli trying to make friends showed an entirely different side of him. What I love most about this story line now is that Eli is the heart of almost everything. He's the corn in his food diagram. He needs Alicia and Peter to be together for Peter's campaign; he needs Alicia and Will to be good together because Alicia is the one who can convince Will into things; he needs Peter to lay off of Lockhart Gardner because now he works at the firm it would be bad for business. Somehow Eli has become the hinge on which the show is swinging. Love it. Did Alicia make the right choice? Two words: Heart broken. I understand why the writers did it - breaking up makes for good television drama. Still, after that goodbye hug, I'm convinced we haven't seen nearly the end of these two. Team Gardner, I can't wait for more. All we need is some tequila and a good elevator... Louis Canning: Conniving! I both like and dislike this character, but it would throw an interesting dynamic into the show Alicia did move over. Also, it would uncomplicate her relationship with Will (which, if she left Lockhart Gardner would be much more accessible). Maybe I just think about Team Gardner too much? Grace's Kidnapping: In classic fashion, Grace ruins everything without even knowing it. The story line took awhile to surface and I thought it was good while it lasted. The best part was Kalinda jumping into action to find her. I don't know when it will come out that she's the one who helped Grace and brought her home, but I'm sure it will... and I can't wait. Let the Alicia/Kalinda reunion plans begin!


I agree with everything Melissa stated regarding #2 - you three reviewers always went on and on how you liked A/W as a couple and once they break up - you all agree it was for the best. Seems alittle two-faced. I hope A/W can eventually work things out - the timing was just off.


1. Favorite scene: I enjoyed the conversation between Eli and Will also. I love Eli but too often this season he has been too angry. I liked seeing him contrite and funny again, and he and Will rarely have any significant interaction on the show so that was great too. 2. Alicia and Will: NO! I was so upset with the ending. And I can't believe all 3 of you said "yes" when you have supported this pairing previously. Yes they have logistical problems but in my opinion, the reason their relationship has caused her stress and anxiety is how she has thus far handled it. A mature conversation, a filing of divorce from Peter and openness with her kids would be a great step towards making the relationship viable. Both Grace and Zach have implied that they support their mother and want her to be happy. They seem to have a clue about Will being in her life. I don't believe they are truly over: as per their conversation a couple episodes ago, they can say they will take a break but they are always drawn back to each other eventually. 3. Louis Canning: I am mixed here. I see it as an out to Will being her boss but am curious as to how that would impact the show if she left Lockhart Gardner. Maybe. 4. Grace's kidnapping: I was totally riveted during the search but disappointed in the resolution. Lame and brings us back to that dreaded religion subplot that no one really seems to enjoy.


I also think Alicia made the right choice. There were a lot of complications, and besides, they didn't have a plan. I don't think it was just a fling for Alicia. That good-bye was too emotional. But I do agree that Will was more invested than Alicia - partly because he doesn't have anything else but work. For Alicia, there will always be her children and her complicated life. I enjoyed the scene between Grace and Alicia. I think this is the first season that we have seen the kids show real concern for their mother. The Grace story was tense, which means it made for effective drama. It's only after the fact that some of it didn't make sense. I missed the part about Grace not calling her mother. Of course she would have called her mother (and father). But that's okay, it was good drama while I was watching it.

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