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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 91

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Another week gone by, another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest in the books.

As always, thank you to every reader who sent in an entry. Please continue to participate every week, as a new photo goes up each Friday. Who took home the top prize for this edition?

The user named Lenya Salvatore, who submitted the caption posted underneath the photo. Read it now, scroll through the other comments and come back to play again and again!

Major Exploration

Tyler: Nice! Cave drawings of Rebekah!
Caroline: Oh, so NOW you're interested in art.

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    Caroline: What is this place ?
    Tyler: ' I dont know, thats what im trying to piece together
    Caroline: Please, as if you have any clue as to what it means, your just formulating any kind of possible solution
    Tyler: Caroline, would you please..... stop *shakes head, roll eyes*
    Caroline: Fine, fine no need to go all wear wolf/vampire on me
    Tyler: That's exactly what im planning to do, if you continue with your chit chat and don't use you brains to help me figure this thing out
    Caroline: *sigh*


    Caroline: Elena is in trouble and you want me to see engrave markings.
    Tyler: Elena being in trouble is just a average day in Mystic Falls.


    Caroline: What's it say Tyler?
    Tyler: Uh, it says Danger - cave-ins, rough surfaces, loose boards, hazardous fumes, oh, and flashlight required after dark.
    Caroline: Seriously? Flashlight required after dark? I may be blonde but I'm not that blonde!


    hey me and my sis ter are you biigist fans we do not miss any of your shows you guys are so great o and my name is katheine and my sisters name is vanessa well i wish i could see you in rel life bye


    Tyler: Welcome, to the hall of plot fillers, over here you see the perhaps most famous plot filler. A statue of Bonnie Bennett with her ancestors grimoire. The solution to every seemingly unsolvable problem.


    Caroline: so..whats going on with you and rebekah?
    Tyler:...huh?(looking around not payin attention)
    Caroline: dont make me bite you
    Tyler: hey it says here how to kill blonde vampires
    Caroline: really?! maybe i could use it on -
    Tyler: *cough* you
    Caroline: what?
    Tyler: oh nothing i breathed in some dust


    "Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Sun and Moon" coming this summer! Staring Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes!


    Tyler: hey Caroline turn in to a bat so batman will come and get us out of here.
    Caroline: I can't just turn into a bat when ever I feel like it I can only do it on a full moon.
    Tyler: oh right sorry I forgot I just want to get out of here and get back to watching pretty little liars.
    Caroline: I know and even if I could turn into a bat it's not like batman would see it he lives in Gotham city and where no were near there.
    Tyler: sense we'll be down here for a while you wanna make out.
    Caroline: sure there's nothing better to do I mean it's not like Damon's here for me to make out with.


    Tyler: please turn on the sparkle Caroline
    Caroline: seriously tyler?! like seroiusly?
    Tyler: Just Kidding.. i brought a torch.. plus theres no sun around to make you sparkle
    Caroline: Real Vampires dont Sparkle... *WTF SERIOUS FACE*


    Tyler: " This is where they hide the Mystic Falls residents that have no clue about the supernatural."
    Caroline: "Huh. Gives new meaning to the term 'Living under a rock.'"