The Vampire Diaries Return Scoop: Evil Klaus, Dark Elena and More!

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With The Vampire Diaries set to return with new episodes on January 5, fans have a number of questions they hope to have answered.

Almost each one is based on the state of mind that each character will be in when we meet him/her again in a week. Can Elena and Damon accept that Stefan will never be the man they previously knew? How will Klaus react to the abduction of his relatives?

In an interview with TV Guide, producer Julie Plec offered a few teases/updates regarding where various key players stand and what decisions they will face moving forward. Excerpts are below...

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STEFAN WILL BE "acting from a place of [aggression] and not completely rational," Plec said, adding that "revenge" toward Klaus will be his "priority."

ELENA WILL CONSIDER Damon as a love interest, as the tension that has been building between her and this Salvatore sibling may "come out and play" with Stefan out of the picture.

"The question of 'Does Elena love Damon [and] has she been fully falling for him all along?' is going to be very much a part of the season," Plec says.

But Elena will also question what it might take to protect those she loves. Might she need to become more like her doppelgänger? Look for this conflicted young lady to look deep within herself and realize that "sometimes a dark choice needs to be made, a violent act needs to be enacted."

KLAUS WILL GROW more vulnerable, Plec teases, but certainly won't become warm and/or cuddly, as the character becomes "madder and madder and more violent and more evil" as the season progresses.

We. Cannot. Wait.

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These surprising events are ending up shocking for the third season. I wonder how things will change throughout the season. =O =( =P


stebekah, klarolin, delana heat things up some...
and saltsman-fell, dude realy needs a good boost
in the girlfriend department, i digress....
till next wk lol


I gotta say, Damon is bringing out the gangsta' is my girl Elena. She is finally coming to life. Hope those two get together and stay that way, they're just better that way


como elena pode despresar tanto stefan se ele so que o bem dela, demon e super mal mais no vindo ele tem humanidade a carolaine e muito engenua


Wow, it's hard to not dislike Elena. If her entire family dropping DEAD in one year didn't make this character "dark" then what freaking can? Stefan dumping her? Way to add depth to Elena, writers!


@Bpurplehewitt: Stefan would never, ever refuse to make a Deal with Klaus if he could save Damon's life. We don't know what Stefan had to do for Klaus (sadly, because that would've been cool to watch) and he pretty much blames Klaus for everything. So, I understand why he seeks revenge.


I think dark Elena is a great idea. She never seems to hate anyone, or hold any grudges for very long, so maybe its time for her to unleash that dark side.After all she 'died' in the sacrifice for nothing, and so did Jenna and Jules, permanantly. After all, it was also the Original Family who cursed her and not just her doppelganger ancestors, but destroyed her entire family. That means leaving the dagger in Rebekah and maybe un daggering Elijah, (but not so she can elope with him as everyone seems to want) so she can confront him about his actions.Maybe not evil Elena, but definitely an Elena in touch with her darker side.


Evil Elena, that sparked my interest. Seriously looking forward to more Delena and after obsessing over Joseph Morgan in the break and writing a Klaus/Caroline (Klaroline) fic I was actually hoping for more of that this season, but I'll sit back anways, TVD is always a thrilling ride. Hope there's some STEBEKAH AND STAROLINE.


@Shannon: Actually, Elena has been dull compared to the book. I should say *so far*, as this season as. Included a slow but steady improvement and I credit her budding romance with th D Man.


I like the new Stefan, but I hope that if Elena does get together with Damon, it won't be one of theses, "he loves her but she doesn't love him" relationships, because won't that be like Damon/Katherine all over again? And also, I don't really understand how they'll make Elena 'darker'; isn't she supposed to strong, but good?

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