The Vampire Diaries Return Scoop: Evil Klaus, Dark Elena and More!

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With The Vampire Diaries set to return with new episodes on January 5, fans have a number of questions they hope to have answered.

Almost each one is based on the state of mind that each character will be in when we meet him/her again in a week. Can Elena and Damon accept that Stefan will never be the man they previously knew? How will Klaus react to the abduction of his relatives?

In an interview with TV Guide, producer Julie Plec offered a few teases/updates regarding where various key players stand and what decisions they will face moving forward. Excerpts are below...

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STEFAN WILL BE "acting from a place of [aggression] and not completely rational," Plec said, adding that "revenge" toward Klaus will be his "priority."

ELENA WILL CONSIDER Damon as a love interest, as the tension that has been building between her and this Salvatore sibling may "come out and play" with Stefan out of the picture.

"The question of 'Does Elena love Damon [and] has she been fully falling for him all along?' is going to be very much a part of the season," Plec says.

But Elena will also question what it might take to protect those she loves. Might she need to become more like her doppelgänger? Look for this conflicted young lady to look deep within herself and realize that "sometimes a dark choice needs to be made, a violent act needs to be enacted."

KLAUS WILL GROW more vulnerable, Plec teases, but certainly won't become warm and/or cuddly, as the character becomes "madder and madder and more violent and more evil" as the season progresses.

We. Cannot. Wait.


I don't really know what Dark Elena will be! I mean, she's human, so she doesn't have a lot of space being dark compared to other. I can only see her hurting Damon...just like Katherine...
Can't wait to see Klaus again! A Stefan too!


"ZZZZZZZZZ" is the classic. "SNORE" and "YAWN" are acceptable variants.


Is it the 5th of January yet???? I CAN'T WAIT

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Steffie acting irrational? who cares, its not steffie, its robo-wesley. LOL at "darker elena". Too late its too late. She got kidnapped THREE times, had people die around her, encountered her evil twin who stabbed her father and tried to mess up her life, got smacked around by thousand year old vampires, got her own family dead, got DEAD and that did absolutely nothing, NOTHING to her as character.(because writers forgot to develop her) Now are we supposed to believe that steffie dumping her had such a big impact? I LOL'd.


so funny that delena will only happen when stefan is out of the picture,glad that elena will finally get some character development and realise that sometimes a dark choice has to be made.Can't wait to see what's going to happen between stef and klaus(my favourite characters plus vampire barbie) and also elena doesn't need to become more of her doppelganger, she already is,damon was right"you and katherine have alot more in common than just your looks"


wow Delena is so romantic Damon tried to kill Jeremy
for his love for Elena oh so romantic *fangirl squeal* Another reason Delena is so romantic, is because Damon used to sleep with Isobel who happens to be Elena's mum. OMG so epic romance ever!! lul
I can't lie to myself V O M I T


I'm soooo very excited to see Klaus being MORE EVIL


I love this show, I'm so hooked on it and can't wait for it to happen!
I'm a huge Stelena fan, but I'm not saying there is nos DElena chemistry(it isn't hard for them to play they have the hots for each other)! But even if there will be a Delena, Stefans ghost will hunt them doWn and Damon is the jealous type don't forget! Stefan needs a new love interest so thinks start rolling and making Elena jealous!


What I think is, Damon needs to move on from Queen Mary Sue Cardboard and actually find a girl who has never wanted his Bunny Eating Whiny Baby Bro in the first place.


I don't like Damon being referred to as a "possible love interest." It's SO much more than that. Elena can't go in to this half-way...she can't take how much he REALLY loves her for granted. She has to at least meet him halfway, understand the gravity of what she's doing. She can make or break him, and if she breaks him, I'm busting in to Mystic Falls and ripping her heart out myself.

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