TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: The Worst Show of 2011

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Over the last couple weeks, TV Fanatic staff members have been debating the Best of 2011, from villains to comedies to couples.

But not every program was a winner this year. Some were quickly canceled. Others delivered a disappointing season after years of quality. Others remain on the air... for some inexplicable reason. Below, we debate the following question and then pose it to readers:


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Matt Richenthal: Due to expectations, it has to be season six of Dexter. It's not like anyone expected anything from The Playboy Club or How To Be a Gentlemen. But Dexter had been one of my favorite shows for years... until out-of-touch writers delivered two of the most desperate storylines I've ever witnessed: an imaginary character, and Deb actually falling in love with her brother. Icky, unnecessary, depressing.

Jim Garner: Camelot on Starz. Just because you're on cable does not mean you have to wedge nudity in where it's not needed. Thankfully, Starz has opted not to torture us more with this show.

Steve Marsi: The Bachelor. Assuming by worst you mean also the best in its own, overdramatic convoluted scripted guilty pleasure nonsense way.

Arlene Gonzalez: Hillbilly Handfishin'. Best name. Worst show. I mean, really?!?

Carissa Pavlica: I have to go with The Bachelor franchise. It's so incredibly embarrassing that anyone would crave fame so badly they would basically whore themselves with a harem of men or women that I can't even believe they allow it on the air. Sister Wives is a close second. Live your life in a box, please.

Eric Hochberger: 2 Broke Girls. Not because I seriously think it's actually the worst show of the year, but because I think it has way more potential than it's showing right now. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs bring their hilarious charming A game to a show that's dragged down by its diner setting and weak supporting characters.

Dan Forcella: As embarrassingly bad as the lack of an ending was on the first season of The Killing - and it was horrible - the route we took to get there was just as awful. The boring characters and repetitive nature of providing a possible killer only to make said suspect obsolete within one episode had me hoping that I was the one who had killed Rosie Larson back in the pilot.

Chandel Charles: As much as I love Harry's Law, it doesn't take a critic to wonder what the heck happened at Harry's Law and Fine Shoes. We go from a welcoming storefront and makeshift firm to a high-end firm above the shoe shop. W then proceed to fire part of the original cast and replace them with characters with slightly less personality and charm. The show has lost the charm it aired with and made me so excited to watch.

Jim Garner: I agree with Chandel on Harry's Law. In an attempt to make the show more like "his vision" Kelley had all but destroyed was was most fun to watch about the show.

Your turn: What do you think was the worst show of 2011?


I agree with Chandel about Harry's Law all I need to say id "DITTO".


Terra Nova definitely. Started watching that show and gave up half-way. As idiotic and senseless at they come.


What is wrong with you people saying that Two Broke Girls is the worst? I'm proud of CBS for having the nerve to put this show on the air. I was actually p-offed at them for canceling accidentally on purpose. But they made it up to me with Mike & Molly last season. And now with Two Broke Girls, they're back in my good graces. Monday night is one of my favorite tv nights.
Worst show of 2011: I'll always say the bachelor. I've never liked that show. Come to think of it, most of these reality shows bite. I like the competition shows like survivor or the amazing race. But all the basketball wives type crap can go.


Two and a half men has fallen faster in story and general good comedy faster than a watermelon off a roof! And after this last episode, that watermelon just drilled through the concrete and just keeps on falling!!!!


I can't believe people hated Camelot; I thought it took one of the oldest stories of modern civilization and gave it a daring, excellent spin with top-drawer, passionate acting from beautiful people. Eva Green was the best of the bunch. Finally an interesting Morgan le Fey. WTF is up with people hating on sex all of a sudden? People have it, and they are naked when doing so. I only just started watching Dexter this season (thank you, Direct TV; bite me, Comcast) and enjoyed it, except for the sorta-incesty bits. They could have implied it a lot less ham-handedly and still been effectively creepy. Hopefully that goes away now. Will definitely go back and watch the prior seasons, though. From some of the comments, I can see how long-term fans might have been disappointed, but it didn't scare me away.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Pretty much the tie between newest TVD season, terra nova and camelot. otherwise I'd say this was quite a good year actually.


1. Man Up Victor Fresco the man behind Better of Ted (#1 fav comedy) was listed as an EP. Unfortunately this was so bad that it cause physical 2. The Playboy Club 3 episodes enough said. 3. Whitney The writing, leads, and laughtrack. 4. How To Be a Gentlemen H8R in written format.. 5. 2 Broke Girls @ ginger "the writers try for every cheap ethnic joke possible." Right, whats next Cheech and Chong get hired as Janitorial and Floor Care..


Glee. 'nuff said.


There really should be two categories here. One for worst show which would probably include most "reality" shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor, and the other for the show that actually had potential but sadly fell far short of the promise. This category would include Terra Nova (I gave up after two episodes), 2 Broke Girls (the writers try for every cheap ethnic joke possible), Dexter (very creepy and not in a good way), The Killing (I was so angry that I invested so much time in a show that could have been a two day miniseries at best) and my personal non-favorite Two and a Half Men (repetitive and annoying).


Whitney or Terra Nova. I can't believe those aren't in the running.

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