TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: The Worst Show of 2011

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Over the last couple weeks, TV Fanatic staff members have been debating the Best of 2011, from villains to comedies to couples.

But not every program was a winner this year. Some were quickly canceled. Others delivered a disappointing season after years of quality. Others remain on the air... for some inexplicable reason. Below, we debate the following question and then pose it to readers:


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Matt Richenthal: Due to expectations, it has to be season six of Dexter. It's not like anyone expected anything from The Playboy Club or How To Be a Gentlemen. But Dexter had been one of my favorite shows for years... until out-of-touch writers delivered two of the most desperate storylines I've ever witnessed: an imaginary character, and Deb actually falling in love with her brother. Icky, unnecessary, depressing.

Jim Garner: Camelot on Starz. Just because you're on cable does not mean you have to wedge nudity in where it's not needed. Thankfully, Starz has opted not to torture us more with this show.

Steve Marsi: The Bachelor. Assuming by worst you mean also the best in its own, overdramatic convoluted scripted guilty pleasure nonsense way.

Arlene Gonzalez: Hillbilly Handfishin'. Best name. Worst show. I mean, really?!?

Carissa Pavlica: I have to go with The Bachelor franchise. It's so incredibly embarrassing that anyone would crave fame so badly they would basically whore themselves with a harem of men or women that I can't even believe they allow it on the air. Sister Wives is a close second. Live your life in a box, please.

Eric Hochberger: 2 Broke Girls. Not because I seriously think it's actually the worst show of the year, but because I think it has way more potential than it's showing right now. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs bring their hilarious charming A game to a show that's dragged down by its diner setting and weak supporting characters.

Dan Forcella: As embarrassingly bad as the lack of an ending was on the first season of The Killing - and it was horrible - the route we took to get there was just as awful. The boring characters and repetitive nature of providing a possible killer only to make said suspect obsolete within one episode had me hoping that I was the one who had killed Rosie Larson back in the pilot.

Chandel Charles: As much as I love Harry's Law, it doesn't take a critic to wonder what the heck happened at Harry's Law and Fine Shoes. We go from a welcoming storefront and makeshift firm to a high-end firm above the shoe shop. W then proceed to fire part of the original cast and replace them with characters with slightly less personality and charm. The show has lost the charm it aired with and made me so excited to watch.

Jim Garner: I agree with Chandel on Harry's Law. In an attempt to make the show more like "his vision" Kelley had all but destroyed was was most fun to watch about the show.

Your turn: What do you think was the worst show of 2011?


Maybe the Cape wasn't 2011 or was it? lol


We forget about the show The Cape that was a big bust! But we put Dexter and The Killing on this list which got renewed for more seasons? You should of asked for suggestions before putting this topic up.

Uss biddle dlg 34

How do you say a show is the worst? What halfwit would sit on a couch and repeatedly watch some lame junker , over and over. Ok , you can just not care anymore, and kick a show you've watched to the curb.
Reality as a genre , won't ever get watched on my tv. 98% of network s*itcoms won't ever be watched.
But, The Killing? You can not be serious ! Harry's Law? That 3 episode opener was great ! Dexter? Get real! I'll openly admit worst season EVER...., but worst show on a joke!
Shows I one & doned .....or finally kicked to the curb: Terra Nova; Prime Suspect; Pretty Little Liars; Gossip Girl.


Anything that was a reality TV show to be honest.


I have to give a special shout out to Terra Nova. One of the worst things I have ever seen on TV. Every single episode had several plot-holes and events that made my boyfriend and I like the main characters less and less. Starting with the husband... In a world where population is clearly a problem, are we supposed to sympathise with two grown-ups who didn't have enough common sense to use condoms? Seriously? Secondly, the dad's constant antagonism and lack of appreciation for his romantic rival. We get it. You love your wife. We get it - your jealous. But what we don't get is why you can't act like a grown-up? How about the son? You know...the one who left a girlfriend behind, one he seemed to care about, promised to try and bring her to the past? You know, the one he completely forgot about within 2 seconds of meeting this other girl? As for Elizabeth, the question - why are there only two doctors looking after the whole population? We have tons of artillery and policing officers but only 2 doctors? If there are more, why do we never see them? Plot hole alert! Finally, the little girl - who is possibly the blandest caricature of "poor, innocent, DUMB little girl". Yawn. Maddy was the only decent character on the show - believably geeky, slightly awkward and whatnot. But one main character does not save a show where the rest of the cast makes you want to kill yourself - or worse, break the tv so you don't have to watch it.


Might have to agree with putting Dexter on this list. Other shows may be just god awful, but man, this show has had some truly great season, but wow... they just dropped the ball hard. Fell off the cliff. Perhaps I'm not too surprised: season 5 was really irritating because you could feel how the writers wanted to keep things too safe, and so that led to a predictable, lazy, bland, and overall boring sixth season.


Anything Jersey Shore or Kardashian related.


Hmm 2 Broke Girls could be outstanding but yea something stinks. The Bachelor is a laughing stock of famewhores and gold diggers looking for attention. Ah I go with the Bachelor Franchise!


I'd say "The Secret Circle". Certainly, it didn't live up to the hype and the story is just boring.


Glad I'm voted off the Island. Perhaps you guys didn't actually read my response? My issue is the show could be so much more.

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