TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: The Worst Show of 2011

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Over the last couple weeks, TV Fanatic staff members have been debating the Best of 2011, from villains to comedies to couples.

But not every program was a winner this year. Some were quickly canceled. Others delivered a disappointing season after years of quality. Others remain on the air... for some inexplicable reason. Below, we debate the following question and then pose it to readers:


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Matt Richenthal: Due to expectations, it has to be season six of Dexter. It's not like anyone expected anything from The Playboy Club or How To Be a Gentlemen. But Dexter had been one of my favorite shows for years... until out-of-touch writers delivered two of the most desperate storylines I've ever witnessed: an imaginary character, and Deb actually falling in love with her brother. Icky, unnecessary, depressing.

Jim Garner: Camelot on Starz. Just because you're on cable does not mean you have to wedge nudity in where it's not needed. Thankfully, Starz has opted not to torture us more with this show.

Steve Marsi: The Bachelor. Assuming by worst you mean also the best in its own, overdramatic convoluted scripted guilty pleasure nonsense way.

Arlene Gonzalez: Hillbilly Handfishin'. Best name. Worst show. I mean, really?!?

Carissa Pavlica: I have to go with The Bachelor franchise. It's so incredibly embarrassing that anyone would crave fame so badly they would basically whore themselves with a harem of men or women that I can't even believe they allow it on the air. Sister Wives is a close second. Live your life in a box, please.

Eric Hochberger: 2 Broke Girls. Not because I seriously think it's actually the worst show of the year, but because I think it has way more potential than it's showing right now. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs bring their hilarious charming A game to a show that's dragged down by its diner setting and weak supporting characters.

Dan Forcella: As embarrassingly bad as the lack of an ending was on the first season of The Killing - and it was horrible - the route we took to get there was just as awful. The boring characters and repetitive nature of providing a possible killer only to make said suspect obsolete within one episode had me hoping that I was the one who had killed Rosie Larson back in the pilot.

Chandel Charles: As much as I love Harry's Law, it doesn't take a critic to wonder what the heck happened at Harry's Law and Fine Shoes. We go from a welcoming storefront and makeshift firm to a high-end firm above the shoe shop. W then proceed to fire part of the original cast and replace them with characters with slightly less personality and charm. The show has lost the charm it aired with and made me so excited to watch.

Jim Garner: I agree with Chandel on Harry's Law. In an attempt to make the show more like "his vision" Kelley had all but destroyed was was most fun to watch about the show.

Your turn: What do you think was the worst show of 2011?


A Game of Thrones was awesome! If you didn't read the books, then you won't know about the levels of sex and violence--or that all the children are actually about three years younger than they are being portrayed in the show. Yes, they did add a couple of scenes and lines (Petyr teaching the two whores, while talking about politics)--these were exposition pieces, for the benefit of those who hadn't read the books. Many shows were disappointing, but I think that one of THE worst was Prime Suspect--sharing nothing with its noble predecessor other than the title.


Terra Nova was easily the most anticipated disappointing New program of the season. How can Stephen Speilberg get it so wrong? The plot was awful the people got in the way of the dinosaurs & the whole thing felt like no script was ever written no thought was put into it other than go back into the past, dinosaurs & Speilberg! What a bummer! Who in their right mind thought the Playboy Club was going to even work in this day & age have they lost touch with us out here? No surprise it tanked in two episodes. I so agree with Jim Garner if you're on HBO you don't need nudity for nudity's sake. Game of Thrones was unwatchable as all they did was have sex where was the PLOT? Is this what really sells mindless sex? How boring!


There is nothing wrong with Dexter other then it is not long enough and it leaves you wanting more I really don't like to wait a week to see what is going to happen I wish it was on more then once a week.You should find another show to pick on and leave Dexter alone


2 Broke Girls ?! It's one of the best shows this year. I really don't understand you...


I agree 2 Broke Girls…..awful


Deb I am with you!! I LOVE 2 Broke Girls!!


I am shocked at 2 Broke girls being on this list. I have seen on "real" analyzers of TV shows that it is one of the funniest shows and it is. Makes me wonder who is behind this TV fanatic.


Two Broke Girls. It's not funny, their voices are VERY annoying and I definitely agree with the very weak supporting cast. Harry's Law is a HUGE disappointment this year. They got rid of the cast that WORKED and clicked and brought in dead, dry people that I have a hard time relating to or liking. Not to mention the writing has become disgustingly preachy and super political. I think the final season of Entourage should be thrown in here too. It was beyond AWFUL. The writing, acting, everything was horrible about Entourage's last season.




Ok, the idiot that said 2 Broke Girls should be voted off any island there is to be voted off of. That is hands down one of the funniest shows on right now..Where's 2 and a half men? With Ashton that show is so lame. And how about Glee? That one is getting very tired.

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