Vampire Diaries Relationship Scoop: Forwood to Move Backward

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When we last left Caroline and Tyler on The Vampire Diaries, the former's silence spoke volumes. Sad, sad volumes, as she couldn't tell Tyler she understood he was now sired to Klaus, resulting in an apparent split for this adorable twosome.

And, unfortunately for Forwood 'shippers everywhere, it doesn't sound like the couple will reconcile any time soon.

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They have "a lot to overcome," producer Julie Plec tells Zap2It. "Because Tyler, on his own, has a lot to overcome. It's pretty bleak, right now, and it's only going to start to get bleaker before it gets better."

Tyler won't be happy with "anything" when the show returns on January 5 - read the official winter premiere episode synopsis now - Plec says, as Klaus will be exerting influence over his new charge, leaving Tyler in a "very, very bad situation that almost has catastrophic consequences. It's going to take him a while to earn his way back into the good graces of our heroes, his friends, and Caroline."

In a word: GULP.

In many more words: sounds off now with your hopes, expectations and fears for this fun couple. Are they doomed forever?


ugh they're the only couple on the show that practically everyone likes and they're breaking up for ages? paahhh Dx


Honestly? I like it. Since episode the second episode this season Forwood wasn't tingling anymore and I came to the conclusion that I like them better apart but still having feelings for each other.
I'm excited what they gonna do with Tyler! Can't wait for it :)


THEY CAN'T DO THAT!! the only couple on this show I really REALLY want to be together! thay can't break them up!
how can those writers sleep at night...?


Noo my Forwood. :(


pff, fuck you writers


I like this! Caroline was marked as this girl which always has a boy by her side ao she should stand up and get some Vamp action and enjoy! Every Vamp needs blood rush!
As for Tyler I'm interested how he can walk on daylight as a Vamp(Hybrid) and if he can turn people to Vamps(Hybrids)! The writers should make a few scenes about this!
But the should be some Hate-Love sex scenes that always works!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

As going back to forwood. i love me some angst...if it is decently executed and makes sense and is written correctly. so far this show has shown NO SIGN AT ALL of being able to do that. hell, the bad writing ruined any chances I would ever ship any of the two main pairings. Amateurish execution of angst and amateurish writing of romance development of Damon/Elena pretty much killed that pairing for everyone in this site. I see no reason to believe they would do better when trying to angst-iffy Forwood. not to mention that Forwood is NOT about angst. Sure roadblocks come and go but the main defining factor of Forwood and what separated it up until now from DE and SE hell boredom was that it was FUN AND YOUTHFUL. They had some problems they dealt with it and they smiled and they moved on with their relationship. No unneeded angsty tearful dragged out scenes. ITS NOT a relationship that should be angst=heavy. It just does NOT work that way.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

getting back to Elena would involve exposition and character development. THis show just can't allow that to happen obviously. Everything about elena is just an empty statement. People say she is caring. people say she was fun. People say she is strong. And? And nothing. Elena has no character development a protagonist or main character should get. She is nothing but an empty place of concepts. tis the same as if she was walking with I CARE written on her t-shirt.


Everyone loves Forwood and if the writers think they would make their relationship more exciting with some obstacles, they're definatly wrong!


Amy girl there's really no need for us to see Elenas past. Why don't we make her fun now. But this is a Forwood topic so let's stick to the discussion people.

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