Who Will Play Gaston on Once Upon a Time?

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Once Upon a Time has tracked down a Gaston for Emilie de Ravin's Belle.

With that Lost actress already on board in the iconic female role from Beauty and the Beast, E! News now reports that Sage Brocklebank (Psych's Buzz McNab) will appear opposite de Ravin on the 12th episode of the season, titled "Skin Deep."

Expect to learn more about Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold during that hour, while also meeting Belle's father and the Beast.

Once Upon a Time airs its final episode of 2011 on Sunday. View its official promo now and get ready: someone is going to die...


Maybe it's kathryn, david/james's wife. I mean come on, prince charming and snow white HAVE to end up together!


Graham isn't the one going to die he's listed for 22 episodes so he's gonna be around for sure all of season 1. Someone else is gonna die.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO... Not Graham!!!


So Graham is going to die :( ? But I like him!


Good casting...but will there be a beast? Beast is best.

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