William Baldwin Returning to Gossip Girl This Spring

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Billy Baldwin is reprising his role as Serena's father William on Gossip Girl, sources confirm.

He will return to the series in the 17th episode of the current fifth season, set to air sometime in February or March (the winter premiere January 16 marks just the 11th episode of Season Five).

Details are under wraps, and still being worked out, but we do know that "a crisis brings him back into the fold."

Let your imaginations run wild with that one in the comments below ...

Serena's Dad

As we said earlier, Gossip Girl kicks off the second half of Season 5 a week from Monday, picking up in the aftermath of the insane, life-altering, papparrazzi-triggered car crash that closed out 2011.

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it's the last season... somebody's gotta die right. ain't gonna be serena. dr. van der woodsen rocks. love the way serena adores him and he gets under rufus' skin. go dr. vdw. stir the pot in only the way YOU can.


Cece is a good guess, but I still think it's Serena cuz, let's face it: the reason Will was introduced in the first place was because an emergency involving Lily - and sort of Cece as well (so they're not going to do that one again), Eric is happy over at Revenge, sorry "College" so I doubt we'll be seeing more of him ever, which really only leaves S -unless William will come rushing to Rufus' aid, LOL! PLUS Serena has been pretty much in B's shadow this entire season, so it would only make sence that she got a plot of her own.


That sucks. I like Cece, she usually gets the best lines.


Of course something happens to Cece... I know it's sad, but she should die. I mean, if you wanna create drama, this is the best way to do it. And take away the focus on the post-teen drama.


They crisis is just over hyped.


I agree with @Rinat [Cookie is life]. I think he'll be there for the family due to Cece passing away.


Why He's a pointless and awful character i really don't see the point


Cece dies. My creys


It wouldn't be GG without a crisis.

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