Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus Bo"

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Last Friday’s Chuck was full of flashbacks, shootouts, and a surprising decision by Sarah Walker. 

Now Dan Forcella Eric Hochberger, and Kris Hekmi are back to talk about what happened to Sarah, whether Jeffster will ever perform again, and more in the latest installment of the Chuck Round Table.

Weigh in with you own answers below!


What was the funniest moment in "Chuck vs. Bo?"
Kris: I totally lost it when Jeff and Lester woke up in the desert for the second time and repeated the same lines, especially the gefilte curry.

Eric: Casey hating Twitter.  'Cause man, check out Adam Baldwin's Twitter some time.  But yes, Jeffster's Memento moments was a close second.

Dan: I have to go with the flashback to Morgan's time in Vail, and him immediately screaming "Who wants to party with the freakin' intersect?!?!"

Chuck RT New!

How did Bo Derek perform as a spy?
Kris: She is one smoking hot older actress. For a wild moment I had this alternate Sarah and Mom vision, with Bo Derek as the cold seductress who Sarah never wanted to be like. Let's face it, if Alias hadn't already done it, and Chuck's mom hadn't already done it, a mom like Bo Derek for Sarah would have been cool am I right?

Eric: Bo Derek was great!  And great call, Kris.  If they did go the route of Sarah's mom as a spy, she would have been a perfect 10 casting.  50's or not, she's still got it!

Dan: The real Bo Derek was great in this role, and yes I had to check her age to make sure she wasn't still in her 30s, but Bo Derek the character could use some extra work at being a spy.  She didn't really get the job done.

If Jeffster makes it back from Vegas before the finale, what song - if any - should they perform?
Kris: Is it ok to drop a spoiler here? ‘Cause I know exactly what...never mind. I'll save it for another article (to show up on TV Fanatic on the 23rd!). I always wanted them to sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" anyway.

Eric: While Jeffster! clearly has a great range of cover songs, I think their strength will always remain with 80s rock.   Now explain to me how they've done that with never touching Journey?  Don't Stop Believing?  A little overdone for finales.   Give me some Separate Ways for some sweet parting music.

Dan: Sorry Kris, I stopped listening once I heard spoiler.  How about Jeff gets a little patriotic while Lester betrays his motherland with a little "Born In the USA?"

Sarah now has the intersect...your thoughts?
Kris: Remember Papa B? "does she have an intersect too?". This is rather redundant. It's like adding Velcro to your laces to hold your Chucks closed. Like, dude the design was flawless to begin with! Also, cue jokes about who should get the intersect next. That said, I'm pretty interested with how the rest of the season will go down.

Eric: Booo!  My issue with giving a Sarah (or a Casey) the Intersect is exactly the same issue Kris seems to have.  It's redundant.  Sure, Intersect 1.0 knowledge and flashing on spies is great, but girl already knows some pretty impressive Kung Fu.

Dan: I'm on the other side of this issue I guess.  I love super powered Sarah.  Adding the intersect to Sarah's skill set gives her the ability to take on a half dozen bad guys with guns that have her cornered.  Without those abilities, she's dead, Casey's dead, and Chuck's dead.  Whether or not it helps going forward, I'm not sure.

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The film is indeed one-time-best movie. I've washed it and I recommended it for my friends.


1. Funniest moment for me: it's a tie between "Who wants to party with the freakin' Intersect?!!" and the Vail Buy More doppelgangers. Female Lester and Old Jeff had me guffawing like a street woman. I couldn't help thinking that it was a shame Yvette Nicole Brown already had a cameo; she would have been perfect as Big Michelle... 2. I thought Bo Derek was pretty cool. I try to avoid previews, so I had no idea she was guest-starring. 3. Princes of the Universe by Queen. It's the perfect nerd song from a nerd cult show (Highlander), I don't know - I can just see Lester busting out some Freddie Mercury moves... 4. I truly didn't expect it, but I like it. For one, Sarah was positively superhuman with it. Second this is probably the biggest thing their relationship will have to deal with - I like that kind of conflict for them.


It was an interesting final 15 minutes to say the least.

Dr toboggan

I miss you guys already....damn DVR cut off the last 15 minutes

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