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This is an amazing round table and I do feel you guys!

As much as I loved Chuck, the series finale is too unbearably sad for me. I am sure many of you would take Sarah's asking Chuck to kiss her at the end there as a sign that they will eventually end up together, I couldn't manage to see it that way because even after watching a video log of herself confessing her love Chuck, she made it clear that she doesn't feel it anymore and she's leaving. To completely wipe out Sarah's memories of the last 5 years in one thing. And not to completely restore it before the show ends is another thing. After about 2 hours of seeing Chuck tearing up and brokenhearted, the audience at least deserves one small glimpse of Chuck and Sarah in the future being together. =)

Apart from that, I agree that all the characters did have a happy ending. Except for Chuck and Sarah, or Charah as you guys affectionately term the couple, whose ending is beyond excruciating.


Loved reading this. Then again, I've always enjoyed reading the Chuck recaps and round tables on this site, so I'll miss these almost as much as the show itself. Personally I'd give the final season a B+ (it was almost a B- because I HATED the Morgan-as-intersect arc).

On that note, I was wondering how people would grade all of Chuck's other seasons? For me it'd be: Season 1 = A- Season 2 = A Season 3 = B Season 4 = A-

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