The Chuck Series Finale: Grade It!

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Morgan moved in with Alex. Casey left to save Gertrude. Ellie and Awesome took off for Chicago, Jeffster! for Germany and, of course, Chuck planted a memorable kiss on Sarah.

While we're still wiping our eyes from a moving Chuck finale, one that took us back to the pilot and gave us an idea of what's ahead for these characters, we have one simple question for our TV Fanatics:

Ready to Live Happily Ever After

What did you think? Grade the concluding episode now:

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I feel like I had to get this off my chest somewhere so here goes, for me the whole 5th season was bitterly disappointing (yes there were some moments of genuine interest) Casey’s past relationship and Sarah's mother being the only real two, and also anything Jeffster does is amazing. However I personally didn't like the whole lets pass the destructive intersect around our characters idea! And I felt the character of Quinn was all round poorly executed, it felt like he appeared and disappeared from nowhere and should have had more episodes dedicated to exploring his character. For me after seeing the 5th series it is my personal belief that chuck should have ended with the phone call from Hartley as Morgan drove the happy couple off into the sunset, but that’s just me. In spite of this I am still able to recognise the good work that the production team put into what such a short final season and believe had it not been as restricted in length may have had the freedom to explore more personally intriguing story lines.


The ending was decent. They had to have some conflict, so the memory loss was created for the last season as Morgan was the first to experience it. Sarah had total loss since she flashed so much continuing the story. The writers tried to make it happier for her by having her slowly regain some of her memory, but there was not enough time to complete that story. So instead they had that last scene on the beach to complete the story and a sort of resolution. The only really partially unresolved part was the intersect fixed when Chuck downloaded it to defuse the bomb? That was not clear in the final scenes at the inpromptu concert while they were on the roof (and what was Beckman doing at a concert anyway - and how did she not notice the bottom of the chair cloaked before she sat down?) Overall, I believe the writers did a fairly good job wrapping up the series with the narrow box they had to conclude the show the fifth season with 13 more episodes. For what it was, it was a nice ride.


It was pretty clear through the last episode that Sarah gets her memory back but what about the intersect in Chucks brain? After trying to effectively get rid of it it ends up in his head anyway without any real resolution as to what happened. I gave it a D primarliy on that alone.


I was not impressed with the buildup of the last couple episodes. The whole memory loss is as overplayed as making timeline changes. The episode lacked any type of finale for all of the characters. They all had these limbo happy endings. Personally, it felt like a copout from the writers, to give all the characters some sort of quasi-happy ending, so that no one would be truly upset with the finale. And I don't even think they concluded on whether Chuck still has the intersect or not now...


I just wish Sarah didn't lose her memory, and what happens after that!


As of the moment I'm writing this, 614 people have voted. 23 people graded the finale an "F." F? Really????? Hey, while I thought the Quinn-based plot of the last few episodes was badly written, there is no way any person could reasonably give the finale a grade worse than C. I'm guessing that the over 5% D and F grades were the result of people not seeing the happy ending they (and I) wanted.


I want to the movie chuck so badly! I will miss chuck&sarah,casey all of them!


A++!!! The series finale showcased everything we loved about Chuck... It was a great curtain call for all the characters and it's good that they all had their respective endings. I'm just a bit frustrated that the team has to break up now that Chuck has the intersect again!!! I say yes to Chuck the movie!!!! Still, for the series, I liked how the writers ended it... I didn't mind that it seemed like starting over again.. because then we're free to imagine what goes next.. and the finale and the series itself gave enough to assure us that there will always be a lot of laughs, love and action!


Sarah does get her memory back!! The several times she' remembered things (i.e. Irene Demova Virus from five years ago) proves the memories are still there, they just need time to resurface. Her viewing of her missions log DVD will also help. The most satisfying answer to Sarah and Chuck resuming their blissfully 'lovable genius guy nerd/sexy genius girl spy' marriage, is revealed at the end of the finale. When Sarah asks Chuck to tell a/their story, she is inviting him closer into her emotional life is a very meaningful request. It means she wants to know. Sarah told Chuck to "kiss me", the deal was pretty much sealed. But there's more. As the camera panned back, showing them on the beach, STILL KISSING ...well, would a woman that still felt threatened and confused, be 'still kissing? Hardly! Believe me when I tell you, Chuck and Sarah are madly in love, buying that house, and making a baby ...even as we wish them the very best. Great series!!

Uncle jackass

I just thought the ending was a homage to the movie "100 First Dates," with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sander with some ending line: "How about another First Kiss?"