Damon Salvatore Naked Alert!

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Warning: try to control your drool upon hearing the following scoop, female readers. It's bad for the keyboard.

On an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore will wake up naked. But while there's no question about how fans will react to that scene, there is one pressing question regarding the development: Who will be the lucky lady by Damon's side?

A Drink for Damon

At the People's Choice Awards, Ian Somerhalder told William Keck his birthday suited character will be lying with "another woman who is a hot vampire." So... Katherine, right?

"I can't say whether or not I'm in that scene," Nina Dobrev countered at the same event. "But it is a character fans are familiar with and Elena will definitely have an opinion on it."

We bet she will. The Vampire Diaries airs a new episode this Thursday night and you can view an Elena/Damon clip from it now.

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Damon deserves Elena's love. I really hope that this scene happens in the past. And we, DELENA fans, want to see everything happening in Mystic Falls with a great and passioned love between those both, no matter what happens. So, I wanna see kisses, love words and a huge and hot bed scene. Is this ask too much?


i totally agree with Lauren!!! Come on already with the suppresing the feelings that Elena has. Who cares who the naked crap is with, he loves Elena soooooooooo
Elena should get jelous, grab Damon, and valla!! For new excitement on the show {HOW ABOUT THE DEVIL-AKA KLAUS! FALLS IN LOVE WITH CAROLINE} I am not saying she should be with him but a devil in love would be freakin exciting}


Ugh,whats with all the male nudity ? Lets see and elena ass shot already ...


maybe it's Rebecca? since we know by now that Caroline will not touch Damon with a 10ft pole lol and Damon will not touch Katherine with a 10ft pole (according to where we are in the story anyway) so that leaves Rebecca,right?


ok anything back in time can't have katherine in it or be known it's katherine.....everyone knew she was still dead in the past....Katherine did not reveal herself alive again till second season and that would be in the present not the past......get it??


Didn't Elena technically admit that she had feelings for Damon in that last episode? During her "funeral" with Matt, she was talking about the old Elena and said "she doesn't(didn't) fall in love with Vampires". By pluralizing vampire i took that as a Freudian slip. I agree with Lauren, i want Elena to just grab Damon and kiss HIM. The spoiler said Damon "wakes up naked with another woman who is a hot vampire." Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) hints, "I can't say whether or not I'm in that scene, but it is a character fans are familiar with and Elena will definitely have an opinion on it." Does it necessarily mean they have sex or just that he wakes up (naked) and there is a hot vampire in his bed?


I am going to say something blasphemous. Here it comes, ready? I was not really all that satisfied with the Delena kiss. I mean, sure, I watched it like 8 times. Lies, I watched it like 20 times, but I feel like I will not be satisfied until Elena makes a move. We know that Damon loves her. We know that Damon is bold. We know that she is tormented inside over the suppression of these feelings that she "shouldn't have" for him. So obviously he would grab her and kiss her while she stands still all shocked and powerless like a lost puppy. It doesn't tell me anything new. Actually, it tells me what I already know. Elena is battling feelings for Damon and will not admit that to herself or to him. What I really want to see or hear, is a profession of actual feelings for him TO HIM. When she grabs him and kisses him... when she screams that she loves him in a passionate moment, I will finally feel satisfied.


Well, I guess the verdict is in that they are gonna drag out Damon and Elena for the whole season. So he's sleeping with someone else now? GRRRR. I understand that we need to build these things up, but I am almost not even into seeing him naked in bed unless it is with Elena. They should put this show on HBO before the Delena love scene. I think I want to see it True Blood style by now.


Whether its Katherine or Caroline i'll be happy :)


Why not with Elena? Geez I swear this show wont give us real Delena until the final episode!

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