Debating Delena: Vampire Producers Speak on THE KISS

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It's the moment many Vampire Diaries fans are still buzzing over: Damon. Elena. The kiss that shocked the world.

Why did it take place on "The New Deal?" Was that always the plan? What's the thought process that goes into plotting this sort of major event? Vampire producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries share their thoughts on this interesting topic below:

What is your take on the kiss? Were you happy with when and how it took place?

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My God Damon n Elena mek u wnt 2 mit a guy wu u hv so mch pasion 4, ur kisses r fiery, ful ò lyf, sexy blah blah. WE WANT DELENA


We have seen Stefan and Elena's sex scenes, morning make-outs, and even those goodbye kisses..."stelena" fans have been very spoiled and I think it's time we see something strong between Elena and Damon like SOON...yah I'm a "Delena" fan and they should be end game it's only fair...


Delena is endgame. As they should be.


The kiss was amazing, I couldnt stop smiling! After everything,Damon deserves Elena. Delena


I think this was epic, but i also think this will leads nowhere but in sadness for Damon. There is a lot of teasing around, but i`d read about the episode 3*14 that Damon will find a way to cope an evening full of violence and dashed hopes.. So, maybe this could be Stelena back on the table..Bad storytelling but i was afraid of it before.. Not becauce i don`t like Stefan and Elena, sometimes they are sweet, but i don`t want Damon to be always in love with the wrong girl. After such adorable development i wish that he would totally rock the world of somebody. He really earned it.. I think the writers will the delena fanbase keep on clamouring..and i must admit, i will be angry if after 2 and a half season of teasing a relationsship there will be nothing left..


Delena are EPIC!!! The kiss was perfect i was doing a happy dance around my room. I can't really explain it - but this vid made by toxicgurl168 sums it all up perfectly.

David and sabrina 2014

No offense but this event didn't surprise me at all. Giving up someone you truly love for somebody else just feels wrong. =( I still keep wondering what else will happen on the show. =O


If it was Elena who had kissed Damon it would have been a little too early but it's Damon who did it so I think it was now or never ! So it was just perfect !


@leila I get what you mean. Elena is sacrificing so much to be with either Stefan or Damon. It makes her wonder whether it's worth having to give up all the things (like children) that she's always wanted. Shippers of Stelena AND Delena only think of their relationship short term, or perhaps a long term one where Elena does change her mind and turn.


The kiss should have happened at the fire place like they originally intended. That's when it was "earned" as they say. Damon had just came up with this elaborate plan and sub plan to end Klaus and save Elena not to mention executed it perfectly and was willing to die if it didn't work. Now that's "earning" a kiss. It was a very romantic moment which I think they blew by having them wait. I'm happy w/the final scene when they did kiss but I don't think at that point it was "earned" again.

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