Gossip Girl 100th Episode Spoiler: What is the Big Twist?

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode airs Monday. Maybe you've heard?

The anticipation has been building throughout the season as the royal wedding milestone event nears. For all the promos, sneak previews and clips from "G.G." released so far, visit our Gossip Girl video section.

Now let's talk spoilers, people. A mega-bombshell in particular.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes, "There is a ginormous revelation during the episode that could go down as one of the show’s biggest, most jaw-dropping twists in history. And it’s not directly tied to the nuptials."

How's that for a tease?

Marrying Louis

What revelation might that be? The true results of the paternity test? The true author of Louis' vows? Could it the "bad thing" Serena tells Dan she did as they walk down the aisle - and what's that? Is Georgina involved?

So many questions, so few answers for another four days. But until then, we want to hear what you make of this supposedly epic reveal! Sound off with your theories, predictions and opintions below!

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@karina now that is a storyline I would support!


At this point it kind of feels like the writers are taking the Prince Charles -Diana - Camilla story and making it work into Blair-Chuck-Dan-Louis square...way tooo crowded!


I think that Louis is the father of Gergina's baby !


I don´t know why they even started the prince storyline. There are only Dair and Chair fans and nobody wants Blair to end up with Louis. Instead of introducing the prince of boredom, they should have explored the Chuck-Blair-Dan love triangle. Now Blair proclaims Chuck to be the love of her life, still decides to marry Louis and most likely somehow will start a romance with Dan in the upcoming episodes. It´s almost admirable how the writers have managed to turn Blair into a fickle, indecisive bitch who toys with the feelings of three guys. Where is my beloved, bitchy, independent and witty Blair from so long ago??


The big twist: Chuck is Georgina´s baby daddy! :D
That would be a real OMG moment and would make no sense, just like the rest of this ridiculous wedding!


Whatever the OMG moment is I bet a lot of GG fans are going to hate the episode and a lot are going to love it or all or going to hate it. Dair fans wont be happy if Chair happens, Chair fans wont be happy if Dair happens and NOBODY will be happy is Blouis happens.


if chuck objects to the wedding - this is predictable. shocker would be that G is G.G (my theory) or even more so and OMFG moment when it's revealed to Blair Dan wrote the vows and she runs down the aisle to snog him! A Dair girl can dream right? Just hope the 100th episode has everything we want and the season get's better from then on.


I'm guessing it'll be the reveal of the real Charlie Rhodes to the UES gang.


In an interview they said the twist doesn´t involve the love square, so it can be anything, like revealing thetrue identity of GossipGirl, who also can be the true champion of love. 3 more days to go :(


Ughh if the huge 'jaw dropping' twist is about Charlie Rhodes, I will be seriously pissed. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't give a crap about Charlie and find her storylines really boring and a waste of screentime. I can't believe that they would make out that people would actually care about any 'OMG' moment related to her, it's like thinking that people are excited for blair and louis to get married.

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