Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Blair in Vera Wang!

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A batch of Gossip Girl photos from the show's winter premiere (January 16) have just been released and offer our best look to date at Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, appropriately designed by Vera Wang.

The famed New York-based designer even appears in one of the pictures!

In addition to Vera, fans will surely be speculating about Dan and Chuck's appearances (along with a lurking Louis) in the photos below, some of which appear to show B at a dress fitting. Very interesting.

After the crash that ended the midseason finale, could some or all of this be taking place in a dream? Like the earlier set photos of Blair in the street, the certainly look "real" to us, but we'll see in 13 days.

For now, click to enlarge the photos from "The End of the Affair" and comment below:

A Blair, Dan Photo
Blair's Wedding Dress
Chuck Looking On
Blair on the Street
The Maid of Honor
Leighton, Penn and Vera Wang
Blair in Her Wedding Dress
B's Wedding Dress

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@Amygirl YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Blair's vows were perfect, totally captures how the writer's have portrayed her now. Also loved your captions on Serena and Louis at the party ;)


That is a facking gorgeous dress, Vera Wang is amazing! :D


@ Chair etc etc
Ok. What do you understand by more mature and grown up? And NATE and Blair 'highschool' r/ship? Nate and Blair weren't mature but neither was ChucknBlair. They were immature and in my opinion still are. MY OPINION did you get that or is it getting lost in translation someplace. BUT, if it floats your happy little boat, think what you will. To each his own.


My comment at noon got deleted, all because I wrote that I didn't see how Dan writing Louis vows qualifies Dan as Louis confidant, which by the way is not a critique of Dan, actually it would be better for Dan not to be Louis confidant. Anyways I wasn't able to see the spamm until now, I also noticed this chick during the summer, this time she went balistic. @Uncle Jackass: I get how you feel.


Alright, let's get this DB business over with already.
Blair looks beautiful in her gown. Can't wait to see what happens!


I actually like this dress more than her real one.


Dan is right for Blair, Chuck has been some time ago, but now Dan and Blair became the best part of GG. If Chuck really like Blair he will see this. And if you really like Gossip Girl, and Chuck and Blair over.


@observer oh really? so you were not responding to which i qoute: "Blair actually describes her relationship with Nate as her 'high school relationship', and that she views her relationship with Chuck as the more mature, grown up one" do u see the part where it says something about blair relationship with chuck being more mature? so are u really trying to say your words which i qoute: "Games, Sex and hurting each other is mature? Sorry try another argument" is not a respond to cb relationship being not mature? because i really dont believe that was about nate. so plz tell me what line in Rosie post were you responding to because she barely said anything about nate other than blair relationships with nate being a high school relationship. you are liar. so stop trying to act u weren't responding to Rosie line that i just quoted.


These pics of her show her in a diff. dress than the pics I've seen of her walking down the aisle..


@ chair etc etc
Rosie referenced Nate and I responded to that which was S1 and S2. Yeah, didnt read that before your rant, did you? I didnt event mention sex being immature. Dont take things out of context to attack me. Really, think it over and try again later.

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