Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Blair in Vera Wang!

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A batch of Gossip Girl photos from the show's winter premiere (January 16) have just been released and offer our best look to date at Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, appropriately designed by Vera Wang.

The famed New York-based designer even appears in one of the pictures!

In addition to Vera, fans will surely be speculating about Dan and Chuck's appearances (along with a lurking Louis) in the photos below, some of which appear to show B at a dress fitting. Very interesting.

After the crash that ended the midseason finale, could some or all of this be taking place in a dream? Like the earlier set photos of Blair in the street, the certainly look "real" to us, but we'll see in 13 days.

For now, click to enlarge the photos from "The End of the Affair" and comment below:

A Blair, Dan Photo
Blair's Wedding Dress
Chuck Looking On
Blair on the Street
The Maid of Honor
Leighton, Penn and Vera Wang
Blair in Her Wedding Dress
B's Wedding Dress

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@alwaysdair your post is just a bunch of nonsense. chair fans dont want chuck with blair because he's bad.so what are u talking about? you obviously dont pay attention to chair fans post about why we like and want chuck for blair. I like chuck with blair because i believe he can make her happy because he's the one who loves blair flaws and all. He brings out the best in blair and allows blair to be herself with him which means she be free without judging her. chuck can fulfill her sexual needs and make her feel sexy,beautiful and alive.(i could go on but will stop there)


@alwaysdair dair is marriage/mature relationship?(how? when dan or blair don't want to marry each other. Chair is high school romance? In season 1, something told u that dair is meant to be?lmfao what show are u watching?


of him to say that***(fixed)


@observer are stuck in season 1 and 2? because we are in season 5 and cb dont play games anymore.Chuck saying to blair "i love that baby as much as i love you"?oh yea chuck was obviously playing a game with blair by saying that. how immature of to say that(sarcasm). and so what cb have sex because they are attracted to each other.how is that immature? if cb are immature for having sex then i guess all the characters on this show are immature.


Another thing. The GG writers now have written a pattern into the show. Blair always goes back to Chuck, no matter who she's with. She even was heading back to Chuck after the Great DB Kiss of Season 4. I know that many Dair fans hate Chuck, but for the sake of their ship, they had better hope that his redemption arc continues. 5.10 shows that not only dark Chuck pulls her back in, but so does "changed man" Chuck. The first time DB has any conflict, where will she go? I think it would be awful if Dair happens, and then she breaks up with him for Chuck, or cheats on him with Chuck. Not only for their sake, but Serena's sake. If Dair happens, it needs to last. Otherwise, it will be the nail in the coffin for B/S friendship.


I think that part of the issue with Dair for some of us is that it violates the old writing adage of show, don't tell" Other than some great banter and tension during mid-season 4, we're being TOLD about this pairing, not SHOWN it. I don't care how beautifully written the wedding vows are, it's still like Chivy's video and the pre-s4 hiatus kiss. Too much of Dair happens off screen. Instead of bringing in the Louis/princess/baby storyline, the writers should have continued to explore Dair throughout the 2011 episodes OPENLY, and not through subtlety and subtext. And the 5.6-5.10 arc is absolutely insulting to my ship (Chair) if Dair is endgame.


Games, Sex and hurting each other is mature? Sorry try another argument. 'Dan sat brooding etc etc'. Ha, Chuck had a death wish all summer long. Try again later. Chuck putting everyone before himself. Nope I completely disagree. What was there at the beginning was a connection. Subtle but just as real. Dair is subtlties always has been. Thats why people say what they say about their marriage worthy romance. But with that said lets agree to disagree.


@alwaysdair I completely disagree with your comments. I find it difficult to understand how dair fans can support this 'great marriage-worthy’ romance when nothing monumental has even taken place between them. In season 2, Blair actually describes her relationship with Nate as her 'high school relationship', and that she views her relationship with Chuck as the more mature, grown up one. From what we have seen this season, Chuck is continuously putting other peoples happiness above his own, whereas Dan has sat brooding in his attic 'getting over' some immense love he has for Blair which has only become apparent in the last season, while dair fans insist that he has always been in love with Blair from the very beginning. Your comment about the intelligence level of chair fans is completely irrelevant, as I have seen many well-structured and convincing comments to do with both chair and dair. Focus more on your own ship instead of making comments like these about the other fan bases.


Those are going to be some pretty amazing vows. For the non-believers of Dan's feelings, you will see loud and clear. My Prediction: Blair's doubts diminish because of the vows. Why? Because it seems like the Prince finally knows her. At the reception her and Dan have a BFF moment, but she over hears Louis thanking Dan for writing them and feels cheated so she runs. Dan after a while follows to stop her, Serena follows etc etc.



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