Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Blair in Vera Wang!

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A batch of Gossip Girl photos from the show's winter premiere (January 16) have just been released and offer our best look to date at Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, appropriately designed by Vera Wang.

The famed New York-based designer even appears in one of the pictures!

In addition to Vera, fans will surely be speculating about Dan and Chuck's appearances (along with a lurking Louis) in the photos below, some of which appear to show B at a dress fitting. Very interesting.

After the crash that ended the midseason finale, could some or all of this be taking place in a dream? Like the earlier set photos of Blair in the street, the certainly look "real" to us, but we'll see in 13 days.

For now, click to enlarge the photos from "The End of the Affair" and comment below:

A Blair, Dan Photo
Blair's Wedding Dress
Chuck Looking On
Blair on the Street
The Maid of Honor
Leighton, Penn and Vera Wang
Blair in Her Wedding Dress
B's Wedding Dress

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Dan his writing Louis' vows? That means they will probably good. What can Blair's vows be? "When I first met you, I thought you were okay. I only got excited because I thought you were a prince! On our date when you pretended to NOT be one, I lost all interest in you, but that's okay, because you forgave me for being so damn shallow. I cheated on you with Chuck a numerous times before this day, but it's okay, because you didn't know that! Oops. We are having a child, which by the way I'm still not sure is yours! When you proposed to me after barely knowing me all, I said yes, but was very much considering my other offers. You have no trust in me, we do not love each other, but as long as you keep your title, I say, 'till death do us part!


I'm kinda confused... This is totally different dress than in all the other wedding spoiler pictures they've posted. Unless she doesn't end up wearing this one and goes for the more plain one... Yeah, it's kinda weird.


@ Alwaysdair
you're so right, I agree with everything you wrote!


thank god i was starting to get worried! now THAT is a dress! it's gorgeous :) damn she looks beautiful. really hope its for chuck, or even dan at this point but not for bloody LOUIS!!!!


Is it me or it is always the chair comments look like it was written by a pre schooler? Sorry not to be rude but all because twitter doesn't explode at every Dair moment does not mean there isn't a huge fan base. Ppl only want Chuck because he is the bad boy yet there as many fans of Dair. What's funny is for once GG has it right with Dair. I came back to the show because of Dan and Blair and ever since season 1 something told me they are meant to be. Chair is a high school romance. Dair is a marriage/ mature relationship. Chuck needs to be by himself and figure out what he wants and needs. Blair is a safety net for him.


i'm Done with Gossip Girl if @GGWriters wanna screw up the whole show with Dair


Ok so she won't marry Dan obviously :D


2012 it's time to Dair. (i will be there with you for whatever you need). Dair Dair Dair.
chuckistan kasihaaann deh loe


Wow that spammer is CrAzy. Please go away, better yet, do yourself a favor and stop watching the show. Dair is inevitable. Can't wait!!!


the spoiler can only mean one thing. dan and blair's relationship are being built up as incredibly romantic. dare to dair GG writers!

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