Gossip Girl Producer's Preview: Expect Tears

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Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran is choked up just talking about it.

Back for his weekly preview of the coming Monday's episode, Safran (who wrote as well as produced "G.G.") is more emotional and less descriptive than usual. Given the 100th episode milestone, we can understand.

From a spoiler standpoint, there's not much new here.

All of the footage below has appeared in the many Gossip Girl videos we've posted over the past week, and he openly admits he doesn't want to reveal more details. But it's still worth checking out, because why not?

Hopefully Josh's episode lives up to the hype tomorrow evening ...

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lol hahaha really?


I read the Twitter comments to see if this was worth my time - and am not going to bother watching anymore. I think I'd rather be forced to scrape roadkill off the highway than subject myself to any more of this Chair angst. Some tension is good. Too much and you break things, and this show is broken beyond repair. I'm done.


Easily the most hyped-up, yet thoroughly disappointing episode to date.


this cant be truth.... no dairr.. chairr foreverr... many fans of chair will stop watchin' this show anymore ....

Purple passion

This episode was suppose to determine which couples end up togethe, but its just made things more confusing.


The hype is not worth it. Blair and Chuck should be together. Blair and Dan is not as cute as I initially thought. I hate the prince. Please make this episode a dream. I don't think that Georgina is Gossip Girl either.


it looks like in the end dan was the winner


OMFG. That's all I have to say about that episode!!


Well not whole lot more to say, I think everyone has pretty much covered every subject. Hope everyone enjoys the show and its something to turn this thing around! Cheers everyone!


I'll probably shed a few a tears over how hilariously bad this ep. promises to be. Epic? Epically stupid, maybe. Like many of you, this episode will either keep me going or send me packing for good. Not bc my 'ship' might not get together (am shipless ATM anyway), just due to the general poor quality. Mad Men returns in March so I know I'll be out then. Uncle Jackass, pty, Dover, Amygirl, Dr. Holland & many others-always enjoy your comments!