Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What Really Happened?

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Blair and Dan walk and talk in a new clip from Monday's 2012 premiere of Gossip Girl. Regardless of whether or not you wish Dair would be a romantic item, you have to admit their back-and-forth is hilarious.

In "The End of the Affair," we pick up two months after the car crash that ended the show's fall run, with the Upper East Siders filling in the blanks via flashbacks. What happened between now and then?!

We know Dan's feelings for Blair will come out in an interesting way, and we know that Chuck ultimately survives, and that on January 30, Blair makes it to the altar. Beyond that, we can only speculate.

Watch the clip from Monday's episode below and see what you think ...

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Everybody need to stop with the Dan bashing...he is a very good actor if any of knew anything about acting......I think he is very funny and is one the most talented actors on the show.


I love Chair, Im a total Chair shipper. But I do kinda like the whole Chair friendship! Chair and Derena 4eva!(:


Dair are pathetic as lovers.. can you imagine how boring they would be.. Chair = endgame XOXO


DAIR IS THE STUPIDEST THING IVE EVER HEARD. DO YOU PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOW? Yes, Chuck was mean to Blair-- whatever, thats half the fun of their story. Writers, don't fuck this up for all your loyal followers who've watched the show since day 1...not all these other luns that joined us this past season...thanks peeps but you're a little late to the game! CHAIR


CrAZychicke...save the Brady Bunch shit. CHAIR FOR LIIIIIIFFFEEEEE.


OMG people! Yes some people actually do like DAIR and no they are not disgusting (to us!) and yes some people prefer CHAIR that is fine. Just respect each other's opinions please and move on. That said, I can't wait to see what happens with the wedding. After having so much Hype and stuff, this episode better give us some entertainment. OTH, TVD have been fantastic, let's hope GG can step it up, just like they have.


Dair is pathetic. Dan and Blair should be friends that's it. He's a good friend to her actually a better friend than Serena as ever been but does that mean They should be a couple? No heck no.
Dan is really boring and I'm tired of seeing so Much of him!
I wish they bring back Jenny and take him off!
I wanna see more intense Chair scenes if I can't have Chair right now that's fine but please make GG interesting again more Serena/Blair Nate/Blair Nate/Serena and get rid of Louis already!!!


I love Dair! And I love me some Penn Badgley but for goodness sake will someone please take a pair of clippers to that gorgeous boys head and just be done with it I'd rather see him bald! I don't understand why he feels the need to look like a hobo. He and Zoe Kravitz both look like hobos anytime you see photos of them out in public. Penn your on a show where fashion and appearance is probably more important then the actual storyline and you look like this? come on please cut the mop top or at least give it a trim! Ok my rant is over now and I apologize for length of it I just needed to get that out.


ms.m ~ I'm a Chair fan. To me, Chair seems to have been originally written as a temporary kink to give Nair drama, since Nair is GG book canon. On-screen chemistry between EW and LM and fan response led to the end of Nair. TPTB worked Chair back in towards the end of S1, and made it one of the major stories of S2. But TPTB didn't know what the he** to do with it after 2.25. That's why we had sappy early S3 Chair (which I thought was kind of cute but a bit OOC), and unrelenting drama and angst since then. What could have saved Chair (and Dair) was better writing during S4. The Louis/prince storyline was a mistake. S4 should have been the Year of Dair, ending S4 (perhaps) with a Dan/Blair/Chuck triangle, which is what I thought they were setting up. But here comes Louis as the deus ex machina, and things get derailed. The problem is that fans don't care about Louis. They tend to like either Dan or Chuck. (I like 'em both.) So the show is suffering.


I've got an idea.
Dair as endgame on tv screen and then for the DVD and Blue-Ray release an alternative ending -> Chair. There is more chair fans, right ?
More chances to sell copies.