Gossip Girl 100th Episode Photos: Released!

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode, and the royal wedding it centers around, is right around the corner and the CW has released a dozen photos from the milestone event that will surely have fans buzzing with anticipation.

Just so everyone is clear: The show returns Monday with "The End of the Affair." Then "Father and the Bride" and its bachelorette party fun take place the following week. Then the wedding episode, titled "G.G.", on January 30.

It looks like Blair Waldorf, looking stunning in Vera Wang, makes it to the altar ...

Marrying Louis

Doesn't exactly look overjoyed, does she?

Whether any vows are exchanged remains an open question, of course, as do the following mysteries that the photo gallery below may offer some clues about, if not clear up conclusively ...

  • Does Chuck Bass make it to the big day?
  • Who walks down the aisle with Dan?
  • Who are B's bridesmaids?
  • What is Georgina's deal?!

Theories abound. Click to enlarge the photos and sound off below!

We Smell a Scheme
Stunning Bride
Daniel, Serena
Bad Altar Girl
Chuck and Blair on Her Wedding Day
Blair and Her Mother
Blair and Her Two Dads
At the Church
Do You, Blair Waldorf ...
Blair and Her Girls
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Oh, I really do want Blair and Chuck to end up together! I don't care if Louis is the father of the child? WHO cares if Louis is the father of the child? Everyone knows that Blair and Chuck is ment to be together.


What is it is ALL a dream. Her meeting the prince, the accident, EVERYTHING. Except for the accident.. Her and Chuck were in the limo but for another reason. She ends up waking up and realizes how much she loves Chuck and can't lose him.


I read the synopsis at the wiki link and no couple fits that plot at all unless GG gets even worse and Blair suggests to Chuck that they have an affair which I don't think will happen.


All the theories here are much better than what will really happen. Sad but true.


to add what i say below, what will make her turn and make the prince look a little weird is the phones going off from the text of the guests at the wedding.


heres my guess, if no one has come to the same conclusion? the picture with blair looking sad at the altar, its not that she's thinking twice about chuck, its gossip sending a blast about dan writing the prince's vows and that will cause her to runaway and leave as other photos show.


I suppose that you have seen in the preview of Gossip Girl's next episode Blair praying and asking god to allow that Chuck should live
So it is ridiculous that Chuck and Louis have some familiar relation
And maybe Blair's wedding is going to turn out to be a disaster but through the fault of Georgina


The episode of next Monday of Gossip Girl is inspired in the movie the end of the affair
And it is an agreement with God what happens because of it sees Blair praying in the preview


The reconciliation with Louis being the result of a pact with God will be the lamest storyline ever. I'm still hoping Blair is being blackmailed into it. Or for a real OMG moment, maybe Blair discovered that she and Chuck are somehow related (cousins or half-siblings) through/from Jack and Diana. Unlikely, yes, but it is GG. So she's marrying Louis to ensure Chuck never learns the awful truth of the real reason they cannot be together. Having confided in Dan however she finds herself increasingly drawn to him for supprort, setting up Dair for the second half of the season.


Oh wait, its two mnths later. Nope no baby, just the dress, was gonna say!