Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What Really Happened?

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Blair and Dan walk and talk in a new clip from Monday's 2012 premiere of Gossip Girl. Regardless of whether or not you wish Dair would be a romantic item, you have to admit their back-and-forth is hilarious.

In "The End of the Affair," we pick up two months after the car crash that ended the show's fall run, with the Upper East Siders filling in the blanks via flashbacks. What happened between now and then?!

We know Dan's feelings for Blair will come out in an interesting way, and we know that Chuck ultimately survives, and that on January 30, Blair makes it to the altar. Beyond that, we can only speculate.

Watch the clip from Monday's episode below and see what you think ...

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Dan and Blair are steamin' hot together. I love them, and I want them to be together so much. They are my favorite couple on television. DAIR!!!


Team Dair!!!


i dont understand why people keep bringing up how poorly chuck treated blair in some episodes but no one ever talks about how much blair and dan hated each other and did terrible things to each other as well.... for me, chair is endgame and i LOVE watching dan and blair but i just cant see any romantic chemistry, they are amazing friends and blair needs that cause Serena sucks


@lz totally agree. i referenced p&p and w.heights a while ago in one of these posts. i never thought Chair was a longterm sustainable relationship. there's a reason why in literature, tv, movies, songs, any type of entertainment that two people who have an intense passionate love/lust dynamic have tragic endings or don't work out. Chair is a roller coaster. Always has been, always will be. Blair/Nate was a train ride that puts you to sleep. Dan/Blair is the in between, the compromise between crazy chaotic love/pain and a quiet unexciting passionless union. I feel like Blair will marry Louis, leave him, get with Chuck, only to realize she's still not happy and then the lightbulb moment will happen for her. But i have to admit i'm sick of Blair and her man troubles. Get her a normal story w/ love issues in the background.


Even your name is silly. Dair is just as much endgame as Chuck, and a better one!


I can't believe people are still saying Dair is endgame?? Did you not watch The last eps? Blair loves Chuck and every part of Chuck. Chuck Is all she ever wanted. Chuck and Blair are endgame and once again the writers threw them a curve ball so they can play out Dair becaus they got nothing else to write about but in the end when it's all said and done Dair will be done and Chair will be Endgame!


Chair vs Dair :
You know no one can win. It's like choosing between two colors. Why do you like that color ? You can't explain. It's a feeling you get from what you see. Now, if you're talking with some science, the couple who has the best chance to last is Dair. Love (or may I say the feeling of love) only last three years, then the brain has to love. The hormones fall off without the brain.
Now, Dair has problems too.
The repetition of the event does the symptom.
Blair never speaks to Dan about him. How things are for him.
But Blair likes to use the whole panel from the "ID" defensive mechanism.
She likes to avoid, sometimes she just uses displacement.
From the first episode, we get why she's got mother issues but then they changed the character of Eleonor Waldorf.
By the way, it's just a tv show, everything is scripted so the freudian slip doesn't exist.
So what's left is the stories the writers sells.




Love this clip! Huge fan of Dair friendship, but still on the Chair bandwagon. Intellectual conversation and common interests are great things, but they aren't the only reasons why people choose to be in relationships. Sexual and emotional connections are also legitimate reasons, and have always been. I think the problem is that the GG writers have been following the Victorian "grand passion" convention when it comes to Chair, which offends many 21st century viewers. People today prefer Pride and Prejudice's sparring relationship dynamics to the darkness of Wuthering Heights. We have watched Blair cheat on Nate, James/Marcus, and Louis with Chuck. Blair leaves Chuck when Chuck "chucks up," not for another man. She hasn't experienced much character growth this season. I would hate for Dair to be explored, then for Blair to start sneaking around (again) with Chuck. Grand passions aren't rational.


OK so, I didn't make this video, but it's AMAZING. It shows perfectly the difference between the Chair and Dair relationships. Just.. just watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...