Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan's Feelings For Blair ...

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... are about to be sort of revealed!

To fans, at least, there will be no doubt how Dan feels about Blair after he spells it out clearly and poetically. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, however, the princess-to-B won't be in the know. At least not right off the bat.

Confused yet?

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Blair’s still going back and forth about whether to actually the plunge with Louis, and for good reason, after the tumult she's experienced over the past several months.

She eventually comes around, though, when she happens to stumble across Louis' wedding vows - which he had DAN ghostwrite for him. Basically, the Hump is about to bare his soul without B even realizing it.


In the photos we posted yesterday, we learned that Dan plays a role in the lead-up to the royal wedding, but it's unclear exactly what that is. Now we know he's both her confidant and Louis' ghostwriter. Wow.

Will she learn the true voice behind the vows, a guy who feels he found his soul mate, even it he can't/won't say it?

She has to, right? This being Gossip Girl, secrets have a way of coming out eventually, and at crucial moments.

Will this one? Will it matter? How does Chuck fit into all this, if at all? Discuss this Gossip Girl spoiler below!

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I too am a hardcore chair shipper. I understand the reason some people like the whole Dair relationship, but for me I like the games, electricity between chuck and Blair we saw in seasons past and nothing else lives up to that and never will.
Whether right or wrong they do love each other, Blair especially has tried move on but in her heart she's always wanted him she understands him and he her! Dan I think loves her and knows a side of her that mirrors his but he does not love all of her and by that i mean the scheming, treads on people to get what she wants Blair and I don't think he ever will. It's who she is and I personally don't wanna lose that Blair which seems inevitable with dull Humphrey. Anyway we will see if I'm wrong once Dair happens I may change my mind - cough! Oh and let's see more Duck, Chily and Chate please


I am a hardcore chair fan, but I like Dair friendship. I think the idea that Louis has Dan write his vows, just shows us how Louis will never be a good enough man for Blair. Cant wait to see Chuck's role in all of this!(:


I'm a chair fan and i like dair friendship.
I want blair and chuck together but i think that before this both of them need to mature. Chuck's change has been amazing,he was the most childish character and in my opinion he's becoming one of the most respetable men in the show. I also think Blair has changed, but not as much as Chuck. She needs to be alone in order to figure out what she really wants.
As for Dan, i prefered him in the very beginnig of the show. He was sensible and definetely the most mature. Know he is different. For example, all the book thing. He dind't behave like an adult. He didn't use to care about what other people thought about him. That's just my opinion, and i respect other's opinion. Sorry if you don't understand something, i'm from spain


We want dair! Please give us dair!!!


Agreed Blair is by means NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT!


Why does everyone think Blair is so innocent? I don't ship dair or chair, but both of you act as if blair is this perfect person who deserves pure happiness, doesn't matter if it makes other people unhappy. You say that chuck whoring her out for a hotel is so wrong, well why don't you try watching the beginning of season 3 when Blair pretty much does the same thing to chuck for a much pettier reason- because she wants a fucking speech. Seriously guys, you need to open your eyes. Blair isn't perfect.


@whoisdan My my, the crap you have been fed and happily digested.
Let me just pull out the ol' 'true love doesn't pimp you out for a hotel' and end with that.
See, that's a trump card if ever there was one.
Now sit back and enjoy the Dair spark!!!!


Aw, I love Dair.


I love Dair.


@ lord of winter Seriously, have you been watching the same programme?? No epic love vibe, REALLY?? Why was Blair thinking of chuck when kissing dan if there has never been any epic love between then. U need to open your eyes and see the spark!!!!! Look at all the selfless things that they have done for each other in the past, true love isn't easy, though dan thinks it is!! Boredom in a relationship isn't healthy, I know from experience that my friends are not happy as they have settled for what's easy. Is rhat what u wNt fir dair?? You need to fight for TRUE Love!!! I

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