Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan's Feelings For Blair ...

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... are about to be sort of revealed!

To fans, at least, there will be no doubt how Dan feels about Blair after he spells it out clearly and poetically. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, however, the princess-to-B won't be in the know. At least not right off the bat.

Confused yet?

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Blair’s still going back and forth about whether to actually the plunge with Louis, and for good reason, after the tumult she's experienced over the past several months.

She eventually comes around, though, when she happens to stumble across Louis' wedding vows - which he had DAN ghostwrite for him. Basically, the Hump is about to bare his soul without B even realizing it.


In the photos we posted yesterday, we learned that Dan plays a role in the lead-up to the royal wedding, but it's unclear exactly what that is. Now we know he's both her confidant and Louis' ghostwriter. Wow.

Will she learn the true voice behind the vows, a guy who feels he found his soul mate, even it he can't/won't say it?

She has to, right? This being Gossip Girl, secrets have a way of coming out eventually, and at crucial moments.

Will this one? Will it matter? How does Chuck fit into all this, if at all? Discuss this Gossip Girl spoiler below!

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Actually, I agree with the Chair shippers now. This wedding vow thing is just to make Blair marry Louis and create another obstacle for Chuck and Blair. In the grand scheme of things, it has nothing to do with Dair. Dair will continue to be unrequited and when Blair leaves Louis, she will return to Chuck.


Chair boring? Please!!! They the reason older viewers got into this! The one reason why chuck and Blair is the beginning and ending of gossip girl,,,,,,, Dan loved many,,,, as of chuck,,, he only loved one in his life,,,, BLAIR! Plaid and curly bangs ewwww!!! Dair fans need to be watching one tree hill! ;)


I'm confused... exactly when did Chuck abuse Blair? All these people are carrying on as if he beat Blair with a baseball bat every night. Also, if anyone has actually watched the show, you would notice that Blair is perfectly happy when they are together. You people complain that Chair is boring, but then when they add in some drama to make it interesting you call the relationship 'toxic' and 'unhealthy'. The writers are just trying to do what you want them to do! Dair being in a relationship makes me want to spew.


Dan is a stand-out guy. I hope what goes around comes around and DAN gets some lovin' from Blair...he deserves to be loved. He deserves to get the girl in the end.


Chair fans made Dair. They were the ones who kept constantly hating on V and J.So now that they're gone Dan doesn't really have a love interest (like V) or someone to tell him how much of a bad idea falling for Blair really is, like I'm sure Jenny would've done. Also can I just say how fucking selfish Dan is. He is in love with the girl who made his little sister cry so many times, Blair tortured Jenny, she made her life a living hell, and Dan just forgets that. What a fucking hypocrite.


This makes me hate Louis so much I don't love the idea or Dair but I hope we can all agree the Louis needs to go he is a horrible, boring and all around awful for Blair. How spineless does one have to be to not write their own wedding vows, I didn't think I could hate Louis more but I was wrong! Lets concentrate all of our hatred on him before we kill each other over Dair and Chair


The 100th episode is meant to be THE BIGGEST EPISODE since the Pilot and it's looking like all signs point to DAIR! I am so excited to hear the Vows and how it all plays out. I am going to be so elated when Blair realises that The Perfect Man Dan wrote the vows!. Love it!


Take #2: Soooooo can't wait for BLAIR & DAN in love!!!


Soooooo can't wait for BLAIR


@Grace Oh Yeah! Dare to Dair! Dan is the person who treats Blair the best. Unlike Chuck he doesn't take her for granted. #Soulmates

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