Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan's Feelings For Blair ...

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... are about to be sort of revealed!

To fans, at least, there will be no doubt how Dan feels about Blair after he spells it out clearly and poetically. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, however, the princess-to-B won't be in the know. At least not right off the bat.

Confused yet?

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Blair’s still going back and forth about whether to actually the plunge with Louis, and for good reason, after the tumult she's experienced over the past several months.

She eventually comes around, though, when she happens to stumble across Louis' wedding vows - which he had DAN ghostwrite for him. Basically, the Hump is about to bare his soul without B even realizing it.


In the photos we posted yesterday, we learned that Dan plays a role in the lead-up to the royal wedding, but it's unclear exactly what that is. Now we know he's both her confidant and Louis' ghostwriter. Wow.

Will she learn the true voice behind the vows, a guy who feels he found his soul mate, even it he can't/won't say it?

She has to, right? This being Gossip Girl, secrets have a way of coming out eventually, and at crucial moments.

Will this one? Will it matter? How does Chuck fit into all this, if at all? Discuss this Gossip Girl spoiler below!

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Okay to use a line that "Chair" shippers like to use: I have been watching this show since the pilot episode. I was a Chair fan at one time and loved watching them FINALLY become a couple. But once they became a couple, Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4 were boring. I also really didn't like Dan at all from the beginning. I was a Serenate fan. But since the end of Season 4, I have really started to like Dan and I really want to see Dair happen. I really don't think it is fair of other shippers to say this pairing will suck when no one has seen it happen yet. I'm intriqued and I am finally invested in GG again like I was in S1 and S2.


I don't give a single fuck about Dair, and that's apparently all there is when it comes to GG lately. What about other characters? It's their only card left to play in order to bring some viewers, but I'm just too tired of the whole arc and I lost all interest in them (I don't even ship them anymore). Bottom line, NOBODY CARES, MOVE ON.


Blair clearly falls for it if she decides to marry Loius because of the vows.


I feel bad to say that but I'm losing interest in gossip girl. I'm just fed up with this Dair teasing. I just wish writers will not go this way. They waste the show. I'm disappointed. I have barely thought about GG and coming here to read the news during these holidays. If we keep getting spoilers about Dair and teasing about it rather than having Blair with someone else or Chuck, I won't even bother watch the entire second half of the season. At least I won't have to watch puppy face playing ghostwriter. Let's hope Blair will know better than to fall for that.


Something good to look forward too. That means Dair :)


""I don't get Dair! They are cute but Dan belongs with Serena and Chuck belongs with Blair! They are just too perfect! I hope Blair and Chuck get married and that Dan and Serena get back together"" That is whats going to happen dont worry Chair and Derena;)


Those people constantly reminding us that Gossip Girl is just a fictional programme need to stop contradicting themselves by then saying love never happens like that in real life and we wouldn't chose a chuck bass in the real world!! Like u say, it's fictional, nothing about it is real life. Chair, dair, does it really matter?? I'm a chair fan, but if dan and Blair needs to happen to make viewers realise that then so be it. I'm more bothered about chucks story lines anyway, he is by far the most interesting character, the show would not b the same without his conniving games and backstabbing!! He makes the show what it is in my opinion. So to sum it up, bring on dair to show the viewers what boring really is and show how chuck doesn't need Blair to make him exciting, give him a good little scheme to get his teeth into and that's good tv!!


DAIR is the t.v. couple of my dreams. I have watched every episode of gg and I am a faithful fan. I once shipped Chair and Derena, but last valentine's day, DAIR captured my heart. Dan and Blair have grown to be a great pairing! I have remained a faithful Dan and Blair fan since last V day, and love them (and their potential romantic relationship) more and more. I will keep daring to DAIR!


nah, i want derena :)


chair should be endgame i dont care if its too predictable they are meant to be. I know that their relationship is complicated and they are a bit districtive together i know that she made him kiss a guy and didnt mind manipulating i know that he traded her for a hotel and i also know that chuck didnt say i love you to blair even though he did but i also know that when chucks dad died she was there.when nate used her to get to her mom chuck was there.when blair was running away from her life when she didnt get into yale chuck was there. i know blair gave chuck the trust in himself to buy the empire. i know that chuck let her go when he knew nate was the best for her. i know blair would take care of chuck through anything and i know chuck would do the same. I know that though they may not be perfect they are meant to be with each other.

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