Gossip Girl Spoilers: Love Square in the Works?

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Last night's Gossip Girl winter premiere answered many questions, but also left us scratching our heads. In the aftermath of "The End of the Affair," show-runner Josh Safran is here to pick up the pieces.

The show's executive producer explains his reasoning for the unusual format of "The End of the Affair" and what's coming up next for Dan, Serena, Chuck, Blair, Nate and, of course, Gossip Girl herself.

Excerpts from his interview with E! Online below ...

Blair in Anguish

On why the time jump occurred: "We didn't want three months to pass in our normal summer because we wanted Blair to not be that far along in her pregnancy so we could tell more stories without having her to have a baby bump."

"We decided to use [the winter hiatus] as a vehicle to get the show's timing back on track. It'd be very painful to watch her mourn so much onscreen. She still mourns obviously, but we didn't want to dwell on it every single episode."

On the real Charlie being revealed: "I really am proud that that reveal did not get out. It's so funny because just Tuesday shots got out of (Ella Rae Peck) and Chace and I was like, 'F--k!'"

"People started writing online, 'I wonder if this is the real Charlie,' but didn't know for sure. We got so far, she's been shooting since, I don't know. That was episode 11 and we're shooting episode 18."

On a love triangle becoming a square: "What I said at the top of the season was this was pretty much going to be a romantic love triangle between Chuck, Louis and Blair and that Dan was going to be more a friend of Blair."

"The second half of the season, that triangle absolutely becomes a square in a major way. That's where that story's going."

On Dan writing Louis' vows: "Just because the audience finds out Dan wrote the vows doesn't mean Blair finds out."

On obstacles always facing Chair: "I'm hoping fans agree that the struggles Chuck and Blair keep coming up against are good struggles. It's like just when they think they've conquered one aspect that was keeping them apart, another one pops up. I believe that is always going to be Chuck and Blair's issue with each other."

"They just can't seem to get it right. The thing is can Chuck and Blair ever be in a place where they can meet each other eye to eye or will one always a few steps ahead of the other? That's never boring to me."

On Derena fake dating: "The fake dating starts out meaning more to Serena than it does to Dan."

On Gossip Girl stepping into the mix: "Not only is it about to get complicated, I don't think Gossip Girl has ever seen anyone go head-to-head with her before. She's always been head and shoulders above the rest, so now the idea what Serena might challenge her reign is definitely going to ratchet up the tension."

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Sorry Chair fans but Dair needs to happen if the show is to survive. The Chair story line has become absolutely ridiculous and Dair is the only sane aspect of the show anymore. Chair is ruined. Blair needs to find out that Dan wrote those vowels and eventually build up feelings for him. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the ratings were up when everyone believed Dair was a possibility? Writers, take a risk for once in your lives and stop playing it safe with this show and while you're at it give Nate some more screen time. He's becoming interesting and I'd like to see more of him instead of Blair all the time.


They completely lost all aspects of the show except love triangle.... It's borring to watch. What happened to college? Family? Even gossip girl herself lost the significance... :/


This show is getting worse by the episode. Blair and Louis were horrible from the moment they met, and yet, he's still around. Chair or Dair, bring any of them on, just get rid of Prince Useless! Although I think the writers took this Chair story too far - how many more ways are you gonna separate them? Dair should happen, Chuck should get a new love interest, one to stick around. Also, Serena bores me to death, Nate isn;t much better... GG needs to make some radical changes to give all of them better storylines, or sthe show will tank!


Does a love square mean that dan's feelings towards blair will DEFF be returned? I'm confused..someone explain.


I don't think B is sticking to her deal with God for faith, she's doing it for love, to protect Chuck from her (somehow they keep this character thinking that she's bad for Chuck...)
It's a real shame, they have a great love, they get each other... I can't see how Dan will ever achieve such a connection with B


I just watched the preview clip of dan and serene talking on the street. Serena has clearly convinced herself that her and ran are good together and dan is clearly having none of it and just as oblivious to her feelings as is blair's to dan's feelings. All I want to say is if the writers are going for this live square with Blair.....please end this maybe derena business. A love pentagon is a bit silly. Or at least get rid of louis. There are more cast members involved in this love war than not.


So funny how Josh expects us to swallow louis and donut as contenders for Blairs heart when louis can't even write his own wedding vowels and donut well he's donut !
Then even funnier is how he is going to achieve this ?, He is going to cockblock Chuck with GOD !!! *rolls eyes* Really ? ,Is that all you can come up with.


Gossip Girl may loose viewers because of Chair not happening ....but it certainly has gained new viewers (Me actually, and some other ppl I know) when the Dair romance was at stake!



Dr hollis

Sammi, agreed. That episode was so awful until Chair AND Dair fans are outraged. I can't believe Safran and the writers! I'm not opposed to seeing well-written Dair play out for a while, or at least I wasn't until this hot steaming pile of a season. Do you seriously want these writers' hands on your ship? As much as I love my Chair, I found 5x10 a little OTT (how many times are they going to half-kill Chuck?). 5x11 has me giving a TV soap ultimatums, and I am a Bold & Beautiful fan, so you KNOW that's a feat. When EVERYONE is OOC, and Serena is The Voice of Reason, I can't. Done. To quote Chuck Bass, "I'm bored and you ruined my pants." In my case, GGWriters ruined my common SENSE.

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