Blair in Anguish
Blair is in agony on the Winter 2012 premiere of Gossip Girl. Will she make it? Will Chuck?

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@anonymous - completely agree with you. i think blair could have been an awesome mother. They did it with haley in OTH and it was an AMAZING journey. Chuck has monkey and I think he could actually raise a baby, although I am potentially a Dair fan. At this stage, I'd be happy for either Dan or Chuck help Blair raise her child, but several fans think this will ruin the show.. here's the thing tho - the show's already dying.. maybe this would actually keep people interested. Most of us have grown up with these characters - we've loved the drama, the lies, the friendships and the secrets.. but maybe it's time for the characters and the writer's to grow up just a little bit and make mature decisions. Here's hoping the writer's will give us something worthwhile this episode and not another recycled episode.


If they try to make Blair's priority her love life rather than her child, I'll be really disturbed. They've already ignored her pregnancy completely thus far. I realize that it's early on, but shouldn't mention of her child come up more frequently in conversation? She briefly wonders whether Chuck will love her child, but she never once mentions loving it herself. I know pregnant women, and their focus is 100% on their baby regardless of how far along they are. I realize that the show isn't meant to be based on Blair's child, and more on her future with Chuck, but by choosing such a life changing twist in the story, they should at least take responsibility for it. I mean let's be realistic, Blair has a child inside of her belly. If us viewers forget that as often as we do, then something is clearly wrong.

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