Gossip Girl Wedding Pic: Blair's Two Dads

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We've seen plenty of photos of Blair Waldorf's wedding dress and speculated endlessly about why she's wearing it in the street, alone. That guessing game is likely to continue until the wedding episode January 30.

Here's another image to get people talking. A new photo from EW shows Blair (Leighton Meester) walking down the aisle with her two dads - stepfather Cyrus (Wallace Shawn) and her real dad, Harold (John Shea)!

Whether she actually says "I do" is the million-dollar question, but there will be a wedding taking place this month, that's for sure, and the show's 100th episode should be a memorable one, come what may:

Gossip Girl Wedding Pic

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The rules are almost the same in most of the European countries. As Eleanor Waldorf said "two weddings" The civil : it has to take place before the religious wedding.
There are laws about where it must take place.
It must be in the town where one of the getting married has his residence.
In that case, it can be New-York as Blair lives there BUT it should be at the Monaco consulate or it would have no value. Monaco still has the rule about "publication des bancs". But it's a tv show. Rules don't apply.


This is a tv show. You think that you can have a royal wedding for a prince from Monaco in New York? They are taking a lot of liberties.


@Lauren The tiara could be under the veil ...


Yes...too happy, also she's marring not just a prince but an heir to the throne so for the religious ceremony - I think - there are very specific rules of conduct. The dress, however beautiful, is not suitable at THAT ceremony, and then she is accompanied to the altar by her father and mother's second husband? But please .... for me is the dream of someone.


I still maintain that it is Chuck's coma-dream of Blair's wedding. I'll be hugely disappointed if it's the real deal!


It was a general comment on the trend carrying on from thread to thread. I wasnt responding to anyone specifically.


She sure does look happy for someone that had a miscarriage.


@Observer who are you responding to? no one voiced both those sentiments simultaneously in this thread at least. it is strange that blair would be that happy w/louis considering she wanted to leave him in the last episode. i mean ITA that chuck & happiness are pretty much mutually exclusive, i just think she'd be miserable w/louis. so to me it has to be a dream. either that or something drastically changes in the next few episodes which is a possibility bc GG is very inconsistent. i'm really praying that what @ThroughTheNightTheRainHasFallen said is not really a spoiler bc that would be so stupid!!


She does look very happy. And it's kind of really cute and fresh that two dads are walking her down the isle. The writers are playing with a triple-edged sword here. To have her walk down the isle, all the guests are there, everything is lavishly set, and have run away, go through with it, marry someone else spontaneously? It's kind of a waste of a ceremony which for a lot people represents a consummation, the beginning of a life together, some sort of commitment, or culmination of trials and triumphs. If they were going to do an extravagant wedding, they should have saved it for when they were sure of who they wanted to write Blair with. I hate it when brides run, but I think I'd had it even more if Blair actually wed Louis. Ugh.


This is just hilarious. 'We only want Blair to be happy'.
(Blair happy in a photo of her wedding.) 'Oh no, its a dream sequence. It has to be Chuck's.' Make up your minds. Do you want her to be with Chuck or happy because those are mutually exclusive events if the writer's have anything to say about it.

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