Gossip Girl Winter Premiere Synopsis Released

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There's nothing much that loyal fans of the show don't already know here, but it's been released, so here it is: The official CW synopsis of the winter premiere of Gossip Girl! On Monday, January 16 ...

  • Blair's flashbacks reveal the fallout of her and Chuck's car accident
  • Nate realizes that the crash may have been caused by foul play
  • Vera Wang makes an appearance at Blair's bridal-dress fitting
  • Lily gets a private eye to locate Charlie

That about sums it up! How do you think it'll play out? For visuals, check out our photo gallery from "The End of the Affair" as well as the Gossip Girl promo that aired last month (below). Ten more days!

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Im excite for lilly to send a private eye to find Charlie, I am positive this will lead to the discovery of the real charlie rhodes. That will really make things interesting especially for kaylee defers character.


cant wait


most boring trailer ever. I hope blair is refering to her baby.. but somehow i doubt it. will this episode sink or swim?


boring... no serena starrer?


she has never really expressed any love for the baby or even spoken about how she would love it, which does and doesn't seem out of character for Blair. One thing Blair does love is her family, yet she seems totally unmoved by the prospect of having a child. But than she is also selfish and is bllinded to anything but Chuck but surely not to that extent. Maybe the writers are hoping that if Blair shows no emotion to the baby before it is born then they can skip past the grief and just get her reunited with whichever the flavour of the week is.


If Blair does have a miscarriage and they just brush over it I will be really annoyed. I know people that have had miscarriages and I know the effect it has, if they don't deal with real and lasting emotional pain that Blair would be in so they can focus on her love triagles or squares or whatever instead I would lose even more respect for the writers. It looks like in the promo she is more concerned with Chuck because they are ripping off End of the Affair and the fact that she seems more bothered about Chuck than her dead child that is still inside is pretty sickening, I'm not one of these Chuck haters, but really?
If they try to make Blair's priority her love life rather than her child, I'll be really disturbed.


@ Uncle Jackass: you are so right.


gosh someone give us some new gossip please!

Uncle jackass

I now laugh at how on one CW show, they actually give the fans an epic Delena kiss and this show gives no shipper a happy ending (chair, dair or otherwise). Well, unless you are a Blouis fan since the beginning... Perhaps the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time (ABC) came to Gossip Girl and stole everybody's happy ever afters....