Grey's Anatomy "If/Then" Photos: The Shepherds! Braided Bailey! Malex!

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Miranda Bailey with braids. Alex Karev with geeky glasses. Callie and Owen with kids. Meredith Grey with a sunnty disposition and huge engagement ring.

Do we have your attention yet, Grey's Anatomy fans?!?

On February 2, this ABC hit will air a special, unusual episode, as Meredith fantasizes about how life may have been different if her mother remained alive, well and employed at Seattle Grace. How might this impact the characters and relationships we've grown to love? The following photos give fans an early idea, as the network has released over 30 images from the installment.

Sit back, enjoy and click on each to enlarge now:

Staring Down Meredith
Mer and Alex
What If...
Return of Ellis Grey
Brand New Looks
Bailey with Braids!
Cowen Photo
The Shepherds
In Fear of Ellis Grey
Family, Yet Unfamiliar
Callie & Owen Photo
Mother Callie
GA Children
Photo of Addison Shepherd
Happy Callie
The Return of Addison
Callie & Addison
Arguing in the Alt Universe
Alt Alex
Jackson Avery Photograph
A Different Grey's
Calling Cristina
The Other Alex Karev
An Excited Doctor
Still Hot
A Happy April
A Diffrent Cristina
Sunny Meredith
Meredith Engaged!
Alternate Universe Couple

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Ciao, sono amirnistmatore di un gruppo chiamato . Ci farebbe piacere aggiungere l’elemento al gruppo.bella macro, bella la luce ed i dettagli


From the preview, looks like lots of tension between Callie and Arizona. Wonder if they will be antagonistic towards each other to relieve the attraction. I like Meredith and Alex as a couple. Not into Patrick's character. I love Christina as the bad girl. This is the perfect role for her. It'll be fun to see Lexie as a bad girl too, and I personally hope we DON'T have to watch her with Mark. So over that. Totally makes sense that Teddy isn't here as she was brought in for Christina.


On first look at Cristina's hair, it looks plain weird. But it grows on me and I thought that looks sassy! And it makes sense why Owen ends up w/ Callie 'cos both of them wants kids so badly so naturally they were paired up in this alt. world. I'm actually really looking to Merlex pairing! Man, could Alex get any hotter? :p


Got confused,I thought Malex was Mark& Lex. Mer & Alex look like so clean cut,very 1960's boy and girl next door look. The residents are wearing grey scrubs that look like they've been borrowed from a Star Trek film.Hunt looks like Boris Becker,Ad and Kepner are very pregnant LOL.
I'm wondering if Cris will be thinking Mer is favoured over all the other residents because of who her mom is.Interesting that there's no pictures of Mark and Lexie.They could be a couple in this reality!


Addison did have an affair with Mark and she is carrying his child instead of Mc Dreamy’s baby and she told Mc Dreamy whose child she is carrying and he obligated to stay married to her because he did not meet Mer at Joes and he has missed his chance to be with mer on the grounds that she is happy with Alex.


I'm actually starting to like the idea of this episode.. Haha! McDreamy looks.. McScruffy. xD
Geeky Alex and Sunny Mer. Hmm.. I kind of like it.
Oh Cristina.. What have they done to her? xD


First, I wasn't so sure about this episode but now that I see the pictures, I am so looking foward to it!


It wasn't Ellis's Alzeimer's that made Merideth dark and was her mother's attempted suicide in front of Mer. Ellis's affair with Richard is what changed Ellis into someone cold and uncaring. Since Lexie does not seem to be in this episode, I wonder if Ellis and Richard's affair never happened. Maybe Mer's parents stayed together, therefore Lexie does not exist, Thatcher never became an alcoholic, and Ellis never turned mean. I am looking forward to seeing Owen and Callie as a couple. I do not like either of these character's current "reality" relationships. Christina and Owen don't sit each other at all, and Callie and Arizona were done, as far as I am concerned, when Arizona left Callie in the airport for Africa. I haven't liked Arizona since then. Arizona is all about Arizona, kind of like Christina is all about Christina. Arizona should be with Christina, and Callie should be with Owen.


Meredith looks happy...


Der does NOT look at all McDreamy, he looks depressed and scruffy.
Ellis has got be the chief cos Wbber and Hunt are not at the head of the table
Alex proposes in the locker room to Mer?
Perhaps Kepner is gonna be a single mom, completely impossible in the GA we follow? The other MWer's look the same though

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