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Addison incinta non è una realtà alternativa è un incubo


Makes sense maybe George & Izzie hooked up and left Seattle, that leaves Meredith & Alex who appear to be the happy couple getting married.

I'm assuming Lexie is not at Seattle because Meredith wouldn't need to go seek answers as to why he didn't fight for her, because she would already know because Richard would be her step father.

Has anyone noticed that it appears that let Sarah Drew show off her baby bump in the AU episode, so April is no longer a virgin?.

Now the question would be, did Mark follow Addison to Seattle? Did the best friends make up? Did Derek never forgive Mark and tell Mark to go back to New York?

Can't wait til February 2, this episode sounds really good, love to see Ellis, Derek & Addison, Callie & Owen, Cristina, Jackson, Charles, April and especially Bailey, Meredith & Alex with Richard and Arizona.


I am totally looking forward to this it is something fresh and new. And Addison being back makes me so happy, but its not that she all about her mom not having Alzheimer's its her wondering how her life would be different if she had two loving parents. ie the happier disposition for Elis Grey...she is loving! And the only way she could really be happy would to be with Richard whom she truly loved. For me everything just falls into place but im sad mark most likely will not be it this and Teddy either. ]:
oh well all about Callie pining for Arizona!


"sunnty disposition" ...indeed


April is pregnant... probably with Nosedive, seing as he is still alive in this reality


I'm still in shock about Mer and Alex.
Where's Lexie? Does that mean she won't exist?


i serioulsy stood like one minute staring at the "malex" pics with my mouth open lol poor sandra with the bangs :S


@ fab I read in an interview with Shonda that the absence of Izzie and George will be answered in the episode.

@ kay I also read somewhere that Richard chose to stay with Ellis. Why he did, I don't know. But surely Ellis having Richard would've made her happy enough to raise a happier Meredith. And Richard most likely still works in the same hospital to be with Ellis, regardless of whether or not he's Chief. Why Derek came to Seattle without Richard's promise, I don't know. But it's easy to assume that it could've been as simple as a mentor asking a student. And I also read that the whole Callie and Owen relationship is meant to show how wrong they are for each other because they're not meant with the people that they're suppose to be with. Admittedly this alternate universe is strange because we've grown accustomed to the world now. But I think we should give it a chance. It's just for one episode anyway.


do we know that Ellis 'got' Richard? And the only reason Derek originally came was because Richard promised him Chief. ellis wouldn't do that. In fact, if Ellis is chief, why is Richard at the same hospital? surely he could be chief someone else. So not only did Ellis not get sick, Richard chose her? Didn't Richard say he never would have made Ellis happy? And Meredith has been shown to be really unhappy since she was a little kid. This idea is so stupid! They should take a lesson from Fringe- they did parallel universes best- the characters are different enough to make it interesting, but the writers didn't go crazy and go all ooh! What if callie and owen were together?


And what about Izzie n O'Malley ????

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