Grey's Anatomy "If/Then" Photos: The Shepherds! Braided Bailey! Malex!

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Miranda Bailey with braids. Alex Karev with geeky glasses. Callie and Owen with kids. Meredith Grey with a sunnty disposition and huge engagement ring.

Do we have your attention yet, Grey's Anatomy fans?!?

On February 2, this ABC hit will air a special, unusual episode, as Meredith fantasizes about how life may have been different if her mother remained alive, well and employed at Seattle Grace. How might this impact the characters and relationships we've grown to love? The following photos give fans an early idea, as the network has released over 30 images from the installment.

Sit back, enjoy and click on each to enlarge now:

Staring Down Meredith
Mer and Alex
What If...
Return of Ellis Grey
Brand New Looks
Bailey with Braids!
Cowen Photo
The Shepherds
In Fear of Ellis Grey
Family, Yet Unfamiliar
Callie & Owen Photo
Mother Callie
GA Children
Photo of Addison Shepherd
Happy Callie
The Return of Addison
Callie & Addison
Arguing in the Alt Universe
Alt Alex
Jackson Avery Photograph
A Different Grey's
Calling Cristina
The Other Alex Karev
An Excited Doctor
Still Hot
A Happy April
A Diffrent Cristina
Sunny Meredith
Meredith Engaged!
Alternate Universe Couple

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@Sarah: True, but Ellis is happy, because she is with Richard in this. She got Richard, therefore, making her happy. A happy Ellis means a happy Meredith, thus destroying the dark and twisty and bringing on bright and shiny.


I guarantee that April and Meredith are bestfriends in this reality.


I think it's strangely interesting. It seems stupid to us right now because we've gotten so used to the world that all the characters are currently in. But really.."What if?' As for Derek and Addison still being in SG, even though the Chief might not have been the Chief it probably doesn't mean that he wasn't Derek and Addison's mentor. Meaning he still could have asked Derek to come after Addison cheated on him and then eventually asked Addison to come too. The difference is that they were actually able to work out their marriage because Derek would've never met Meredith at the bar. Also, I'm pretty sure that her mom never getting sick would be enough to make Meredith's life better. Aside from that, this world shows a Meredith that was raised in a happy environment. Thatcher might've left but I read somewhere that Richard chose to stay with Ellis which made a happy Ellis and a Meredith that received attention. So I think those were enough to change Meredith that we know.


Also, to clarify: Meredith is dark and twisty because of her mom, primarily. The fact that Thatcher didn't fight for them did hurt things, but a lot of the reasons Meredith was really unhappy were due to her mom being very cold. Also remember: in therapy she said that Ellis tried to kill front of Meredith. It isn't brought up that much but that was pretty traumatic. The fact that Ellis got Alzheimer's did help Mer sober up and get it together, it did help her mature. However, I think the premise is that Ellis and Richard are together, so Ellis would have been a happy person, and Meredith wouldn't have had a tortured childhood.


I’m actually excited to watch this! I read that they built it from the idea that Ellis never got Alzheimer's and so Meredith did not have to become all dark and twisty. It would make sense for her and Christina not to be friends because Christina saw her father die when she was 8 or 9. The producers also explained that if Mer was bright and shiny, she wouldn't have met Derek at the bar and slept with him, and then she never would have slept with George, who wouldn't have fallen down the stairs and never would have met divorce… so Callie would have never become a lesbian! Tadah!
Also - the fact that Mer/Der did not happen in this reality doesn't necessarily mean that Addie did not cheat on him. Maybe she did and he came to Seattle, then she followed but they stayed together because there was no Meredith Grey to break 'em up. See how it works out? All I'm saying is: give the episode a chance before you call it stupid, maybe it makes more sense than we think!


This is seems really stupid. a) if everything changed, why would they all be at Seattle Grace? The only reason derek came was because Richard was chief and Addison cheated on him. b) I'm sorry, but her mother not getting alzheimers would make meredith worse, not better. anyone remember that before her mum got sick she was puking her way through europe and sleeping with everyone? so we're now saying that not only did she not get sick, but that her mum was never mean, and her dad never left? Because Meredith is screwed up for all kinds of reasons. it doesn't stem from her mother getting sick


i'm actually so excited to see this ! i just really wish izzy and george would be there. maybe even preston burke ?!


Some things make sense : Ellis Grey as chief, Mer and Alex (why not, they understand each other), The Sheperds (and pregnant Addie).
Some things are weird and unexpected : Callie & Owen, Geeky Alex, Cristina's hair ?
It also seems that Cristina is not hardcore in that alt reality, and that she doesn't get along with Mer ?
About the other characters, I would like to see either Mark and Arizona together or at least best friends ! And April like a whore or something lol.


Callie and blond twins lol with Owen lmao. If this is told from Meridith's alt. world, why Owen?! I wonder where Arizona fits in?
I hate Christina's hair! It looks ridiculous!
I wonder who April is pregnant by?
Geeky Alex, love it! That is going to be funny!
Bailey with braids reminds me of the time warp epi.
Will Ellis be with Richard?
My mind is going crazy! I can't wait to see this epi!


I have no idea how I'm gonna sit through the entire hour
And not be weirded out by this episode.
But I'm not gonna lie, this does look pretty interesting.
Intereating but still really weird.

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