Happy 27th Birthday, Michael Trevino!

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Let's get the bad news out of the way first: Michael Trevino will not appear on The Vampire Diaries at all over the next five episodes, as Tyler needs time away to control his sire bond to Klaus.

But here's some good news for the actor: he turns 27 today!

Set to Turn

Trevino was first introduced to CW fans on season one of 90210. He then made a successful transition to Mystic Falls, kicking off his run on VD as nothing more than a bully who gave Jeremy a hard time.

But Tyler's transformation into an integral character got underway when uncle Mason stopped by for a visit, the Lockwood werewolf curse grew in importance and then, of course, Tyler and Caroline started their journey Forwood.

So, to an actor who has come a very long way, we say: happy birthday! And, also: hurry back soon! Mystic Falls isn't the same without you.

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Happy Birthday Michael Have a great day!!


Happy Birthday Michael...Have a good one!!!


5 episodes is way too long.i'm sure matt has never been absent for that long and he's the most boring character in this show.Anyway,happy bday micheal.You r such a great actor.Wish u long life and prosperity.


TVD has too many characters. Abby now, Elijah back, getting Finn, Kol, Becky will be back plus guest stars Sage (flashback), Samantha Gilbert (flashback), and Bill. Tyler is a main character but he misses a bunch of episodes at a time. At least we know why he's not around. Presumably Matt works a lot of triple shifts when he's not around. What does Caroline do when she's not in an episode? Actually she hasn't done much at all since Ghost World (stuff happens to her though) When's Bonny going to be a real character instead of a plot device? 90% of the series is DES.

David and sabrina 2014

For some werewolf fans, it will suck to see Tyler off the picture for 5 episdoes, but I still wish Michael Trevino a Happy Birthday.;) I'm more excited to find out what else happens in the show. =)


No, that sucks. Five whole episodes?! That's way too long without Tyler..


As long as the break accomplishes something and Tyler isn't just moping then it's fine. He didn't need such a long break last season.


I luv Tyler Lockwood happy bday dude xxxx


why why why why why why the hell is he going to be away again omg??!!! always in the best part he will be away. im mad :@@@


No! I'm going to miss you, Tyler Lockwood :(


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