Harry's Law Review: Depravation

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What did a 21-year old dying and in need of a kidney have to do with twin widowers accused of killing their husband? Leave it to Harry's Law to make the social issue connection on this week's episode, "New Kidney on the Block."

The Harry's Law Cast

A lot of words got thrown around on tonight's episode: "moral," "coercion," and, my personal favorite, "depraved."

If there's one thing Hoseanna Roseanna Remick excels at, it's making other people appear less than human. She couldn't stop using the final word to describe the admittedly unorthodox relationship that Nicole and Laila Wayland shared with their older husband.

Surprisingly, it was a term the judge was all but used to describe the desperate life and death situation surrounding Jimmy, who faced only six more months on this earth absent a transplant. I was heartbroken for both Jimmy and his potential donor.

Is it depraved to allow the sale and trade of kidneys in a non-black market and regulated setting if it means more people end up alive and well? That's way beyond the scope of this reviewer's expertise, but it sure made for some really interesting comparisons and realizations.

I can always appreciate Harry's Law for its ability to make you really think about the content of the case, which is usually knee deep in legal or even political theory.

The real tear-jerker was that they couldn't save Jimmy, who so affectionately referred to Harry as "moms." You don't really see that many people who have taken to Harry such that they bestow affectionate titles on her, ones that reach past respect and border on familial. It was different and welcomed. I wished we could see more relatives on the show of any member of the cast.

That said, it's clear I'm still in favor of seeing some more individual character development for the main cast, which we've seen at least a few steps towards in the past few weeks.

Overall, it was another solid, if sad, episode of Harry's Law. In a lot of ways that's good news because Harry's Law won't be back until its new move to Sundays at 9 p.m. on March 11.

What did you think of this week's episode? Sound off below!


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Hey you guys stopped reviewing Harry's Law? Did you get fed up of it?


Last year, I watched the shows back to back, and then rewatched the season. This year when the episodes starts, I suddenly feel this urge to do something else. Maybe it's the elevator that used to be the storage closet, or it's the pointless shoes on the logo. Either way, this show could have been great, and now it's Boston Legal.


I will watch anything the Kathy Bates is in. I'm also happy that the Jean Smart character is warming up.


The show went from a quirky idea with interesting plot and characters in 2011 to a boring tale of fat-cat lawyers in 2012. I am amazed how quickly the writers killed a promising series. The only thing they left of the original was the high heeled shoes logo at the beginning. Too bad these writers will probably get to stick around to ruin other shows!


This show, which was fun and moderately interesting last season, just gets worse and worse each week. How can Prime Suspect get cut while this stinker keeps going forward wasting the great talent of Kathy Bates?


What has happened to this show. Ever since they teamed up with Tommy what's his face, they haven't won a serious case yet. With a losing streak like the one they're having, it's a wonder how they stay in business. As good as this show is, it make's Ohio's legal system seem like something out of the middle ages.


Aura's right. Judge is played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste (also starred in Without A Trace).
Another wonderful episode! It'll be a shame if this series gets cancelled.
I thought Finn Wittrock was excellent. Great emotional scene at the end with Wittrock and Bates.


What an amazing young actor...Finn Wittrock and from Massachusetts to boot!
Hope to see him again soon.


I don't like the woman judge on this latest episode. I didn't like her verdict when it came to a previous episode with the Chinese couple whose daughter was taken from them and adopted into an american family. I totally thought the daughter should have gone back to her biological parents and the woman's gut wrenching cries when the judge gave her verdict was heart breaking. She was so wrong! Now this! With Jimmy needing a kidney and the older man needing to feed/take care of his family. How is it moral to stand by and let that happen. With a few words she just sentenced a kid to death and a family possibly to homelessness. All in a days work huh? Yet she took the moral high road. If doing what she did is right then I want to be wrong!


Terrific show and cast and the stories are soooooooooooooooo good. Bates you are amazing and smart you rock and make everything you are in good, but my goodness up against bates and still holding your own. Can both of ya get an emmy?!!!! Let's hope so....Anyway, I'm saying it but haven't said it. Thanks so much for doing the show and sticking with it during the overhaul. I still miss the first show of Harry's Law, but this version this season is ok.

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You still need to think positive, Moms. We can't have the fat lady singin' just yet. Ok? Think positive.


He is dying, they don't get anymore disenfranchised than that.