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Jimmy, a dear friend of Harry’s, comes to town with more than just a good hand of poker, but a plea to help him change the law regarding the sale of kidneys, as he recently found out he only has six months to live. As hard as they tried to prove it was no different than the sale of semen or blood, the judge refuses.

Oliver and Tommy defend twins, Laila and Nicole accused of killing their husband with Hoseanna Roseanna prosecuting. When Nicole admits to the crime, Tommy and Oliver attempt to point the finger at each other’s clients which results in both Laila and Nicole’s conviction in the crime, despite Laila’s innocence.



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The name for Jimmy is Finn Wittlock. A good friend.


Stephanie..although we may have a strong bond busaece of the NKTOB thing...we don't see eye to eye when it comes to the royal brothers. Is it just me or does Prince William look a little like his father? *cough, cough* unattractive!


Finn Whittrock played Jimmy.


Who played the kid in need of the kidey?


hjs name is Finn Wittlock, played colby's boyfriend damien on all my children (turned out to be tad's son...)


who played jimmy on harry's law, the kid that needed a kidney?


Who played the judge (female)?


I've been trying to find out who played Jimmy in last night's episode. Do you know who he is? Thanks.

Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

You still need to think positive, Moms. We can't have the fat lady singin' just yet. Ok? Think positive.


He is dying, they don't get anymore disenfranchised than that.