Hawaii Five-0/NCIS: Los Angeles Crossover to Come!

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CBS has scheduled a fun crossover event for May.

As first reported by TV Guide, look for a spring episode of Hawaii Five-0 to feature special appearances by Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J of NCIS: Los Angeles, as their agents Cullen and Hanna fly over to help with the outbreak of a deadly virus.

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In October, Daniela Ruah's Kensi Blye also made an appearance on the island opposite McGarrett and Joe. Why repeat the gimmick?

"It was great fun earlier this season to see Danni soaking up the sun on Hawaii Five-0, so when CBS asked if we were interested in doing a double episode crossover, we jumped at the idea," says Shane Brennan, the creator of the NCIS franchise. "What we've come up with is an enormously entertaining, high octane story that showcases the very best of both shows. It's going to be a fun ride."

Hawaii Five-0 producer Peter Lenkov agrees, adding he's curious to explore "the relationship between McGarrett and Hanna, both SEALs with a little history."


I think that a crossover with the full team going to Hawaii would be great! They could really play around with Kensi and Deeks while they are there (maybe a love triangle? Or just the tension?) and I'm sure Sam, Callen, McGarrett and Danno would be well cool!


Two episodes of crossover? G Callen and Steve McGarret in one show? I think I'm drooling...


I love both shows. I was dissappointed that Kensi was only shown for 3 minutes, on H50. This should be much better and for 2 consecutive nights!!!
Can't wait.


hopefully this will be more than the much hyped 3 minute appearance of Kensi earlier this season...


Too bad we have to wait 4 month.


Sounds like alot of fun. I am going to have to brush up on NCIS a little cause I dont know much about the characters I dont know who hanna is so gonna have to catch it on demand.


thank you both for NCIS and Hawaii 5o-0- I great shows
I do look forward to the 2 seal men!!!


These sound like it going to be fun next year they should do NCIS Hawaill Five O and NCIS LA

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