HIMYM Creator Ponders: Who Should Play the Mother?

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Carter Bays has a mother of a problem. Literally.

The executive producer of How I Met Your Mother addressed reporters this week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour and admitted that he isn't certain about which direction to go regarding the show's most anticipated role.

"There is one school of thought where you want her to turn around and she's Jennifer Aniston because it has to be a huge star," Bays said yesterday of casting Ted's future wife. "But maybe it should be someone we've never seen before."

Cast and Producers

It's not hard to see the dilemma. Producers don't want a really famous face to overshadow the character that's been hyped since the series outset... but can you really cast a relative nobody for, well, a character that's been hyped since the series outset?

"Because so much of the show hinges on this moment where she turns around and Ted sees her for the first time and falls in love, you want someone you've never seen before," Bays says of one option. "You want to feel like you're seeing this person for the first time, too."

Which direction would you prefer for the role of the mother?

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I'm hoping that they cast Mila Kunis as the mother. I would also consider Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sophia Bush, Racheal McAdams, Ginnifer Goodwin or Olivia Wilde.


i know this is reaching, and highly unlikely......but what about Natalie Portman? It ties in with The Star Wars fan boy thing the show has going on. And it would fit with the joke of naming ted's kids Luke and Leia.


FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE SAYING ALEXIS BLEDEL( she looks too much like a kid) JENNIFER ANISTON( she's too old) OR ZOOEY DESCHANNEL( she's too much of a fucking hipster). NO. JUST NO. I have spent about an hour reading all these comments and looking up the names everyone suggested. These are the women I agree with. I think Ted would fit best with either Mila Kunis( perfect charming and funny actress), Sophia Bush, Mary Winstead, Bethany Joy Galeotti( because she looks like the daughter), Autumn Reeser, or even Lynsdy Fonseca( because she is the daughter and now she's old enough to play the mom).


I'm upse no one threw out this name and would be a perfect fit, Olivia Wilde. Boom. Perfect.


Kelen Coleman( Isobel from the Office/ Lisa from the Newsroom) would be good since she's been very funny on both those. I also second Allison Brie or even Gillian Jacobs.


I think it should be an A-Lister... since the show is in its final season, why not surprise everybody with a really gorgeous and funny celebrity to play as the mother of Ted's kids. Someone who can be sexy and funny at the same time.


Definitely Zooey Deschanel as a possibility, the whole quirky thing woul work really well. I also think Emma Stone would work or even Alison Brie, although might be too much for Ted (lol). The girl who plays the daughter would be perfect because she looks kinda different now, and they could do a whole thing about how similar they look


My top 5( in order): Anne Hathaway, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Natalie Dormer, Amber Benson, Amy Davidson


I'm from China. I'm so sorry that my English only just soso. but i'm very very like the How I Met Your Mother and Ted·Mosby.I think Ashley Williamsas is able to play the role of the mother.S1E13 where she plays Victoria to attracted.I can not accept another new role.Wrong place please forgive me and
Sincerely wish How I Met Your Mother shot better and better 我爱�爸�妈浪漫�


Rachel McAdams!!!! She is the one i would choose to be my wife if i could choose any woman in the planet!

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You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That's why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.