How I Met Your Mother First Look, Preview: Becki Newton as... Female Barney?

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Becki Newton is about to turn Barney Stinson's world upside down. Or, perhaps we should say, inside out.

On February 13, the former Ugly Betty and Love Bites star will debut on How I Met Your Mother as Quinn, a character who "will present a real challenge to" Barney," Newton teased to TV Guide Magazine's William Keck. "She kind of has Barney figured out before he even starts talking."

Get your first look at Newton in this (naked?) role now:

Becki Newton on How I Met Your Mother
Naked Barney Alert!

Expect Barney to be truly taken aback by this new love interest, the actress previews, concluding:

"For Barney, it will be like looking in the mirror. He's not used to someone speaking his language, and it's going to rock his world."

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why there is a break between episodes again :(




I so want Barney and Robin together!! But I don't want the show to end so... I'll be patient.


Ugh. I really reallyyy like the whole Robin and Barney thing. I just want them to finally be together. Robin and Kevin are boring and got old fast.


But what about robinnnnn she's really pidsing me off! She obsesses over him and he leaves his gd for her and she changes her mind. Selfish dog. And now it's going to happen all over again. It's so annoying already.

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