Jack Bass' Return to Gossip Girl Confirmed

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Desmond Harrington will reprise his role as Chuck's Uncle Jack on Gossip Girl later this season.

The Dexter cast member made a brief appearance of sorts in Gossip Girl's fall finale when Jack’s voice was heard on the other end of a phone call with Diana (Elizabeth Hurley), revealing a connection to her for the first time.

This spring, Bart's brother will return in person, and this won't be a one-off cameo either.

Jack Bass is Back Baby

“He’ll be back for the last third of the season,” executive producer Safran reveals, and fans will likely enjoy seeing Jack and his nephew on the same side. “When Jack returns, he and Chuck are on good terms."

"This time around their story is more of a fun story than an antagonistic story. It’s really twisty and comic. And there might even be some secrets that Jack will help Chuck to uncover.”

Gossip Girl returns from its holiday hiatus next Monday with "The End of the Affair." The following week, "Father and the Bride" airs, followed by the 100th episode on January 30, entitled "G.G."

Are you excited to see Jack back? What's his connection to Diana? Sound off below!

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love Jack Bass... looking forward to some comedy


Instead of always focusing what you dislike about this season of gossip girl why dont you think of the good things for once. I for one think this is one of the best seasons and I wish you guys would quit complaning and enjoy whats left of gossip girl. Because they only have one season left and then it's done.


YAY! Who would'nt be happy to see uncle Jack back! He is the best really!


HELL YEAH! Finally something to shake GG up. Yes i'm still here, still hoping that this show will rise out of the crapness it's suddenly become. Also started rewatching the earlier seasons from S1 and did you all know that Eleanor was played by a different actress for like two eps?? Also Chuck/Jenny was completely on from early episodes in season 1 which doesn't make what happened in s3 right, but it is sort of inevitable, considering Chuck thought she was hot. Also, Dair has been around from the start too. It's not some strange idea that suddenly happened after season 4. Rewatching also made me realise how much I liked chuck, so I think I went off him after he went crazy and attacked blair, and that's when i became a Dair shipper. Funny tho hey? I mean the show has changed so much now. I look forward to seeing what disasters occur during the royal wedding, because seriously, this show is my guilty pleasure.

Dr hollis

YES! Jack is such a wild card. I really hope that Diana (Liz Hurley's character) is Jack's (and Bart's) sister, which would make her Chuck's aunt (not Chuck's mom, that's been done before). I think that would make more sense than being his mysterious mother's sister. Also, it would make for a(nother) Bass in the GG universe. Definitely the most ruthless, evil, mysterious and interesting family on the show. I like the Waldorf-Roses better (Blair's dads are amazing!), but you never know what you'll get with those Basses. And to think that I once liked and cared about the Humphreys and the Van Der Woodsens most. Goes to show what a difference a few seasons make!




*sigh* general format of Gossip Girl these days...
1.) Serena struggles with her feelings for (insert man's name, this time Dan)
2.) Blair struggles with her "epic" love for Chuck, she can't be with him, yet she wants to, but she can't, (for what reason exactly, she wants to grow -_-) so they engage in quickies. (Is someone holding a gun to these characters heads?????)
3.) Nate does nothing but have sex with guest characters and contend with the grandfather and his family
4.) Chuck struggles with running his ****** hotel and drinking, and moaping after Blair
5.) Dan... does nothing
6.) Georgina, Jack Bass and Serena's dad make "surprise" guest appearances one time in the season, recently it's been for dumb reasons and it's beginning to wear thin...
7.) Guest characters come and go, attempting to drive the plot because the main characters can no longer do so anymore


um @atm dan and blair would not be fresh and new. It doesn't make sense that Blair would ever get with Dan and that would just be disgusting. They're the only pair that hasn't hooked up besides chuck and serena and it should stay that way. Don't hate on the Jack storyline til you see it, but I agree, the nate/cougar stuff and the car wrecks and a few other story lines seem way overused. it's like deja vu sometimes when I'm watching haha...but Chuck and Blair belong together so I will be so mad and grossed out if they pair dan and blair up. ew. no no no. ya jack slept with blair and tried to rape lily and did lots of other effed up stuff to chuck and they're 'on good terms?!' ya right. but I'm interested to see what will happen anyway. but if it's anymore stupid who's chuck's mom stuff I will not watch. that was so dumb.

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