Jill Flint Interview: Royal Relationship Tests to Come

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Dry your eyes, Royal Pains viewers. Yes, Jill broke up with Hank on last Wednesday's winter premiere - but, no, we won't be seeing her touch down in Uruguay any time too soon.

In fact, we'll be getting to know this character even better over the next few weeks, Jill Flint told me over the phone.

"You'll start to meet some of Jill's family," the actress said. She had to make a decision with Hank because it wasn't fair to continue in a relationship with him. But they remain colleagues and, of course, will always be friends."

Dancing with Jill

So, with Jill grounded in the Hamptons, what can we expect from her over the next couple episodes?

Star Mark Feuerstein actually directed his first installment of the series and it will air on February 1. Flint said it will feature Jill and Divya finding themselves in a few crazy positions.

"There's a high speed chase, a bug extraction, an impalement, dream sequences. Mark was not given an easy task with this one, but he did a great job."

Viewers can also look forward to a "moment between Jack and Jill," as Flint described it, though she was also quick to clarify:

"It's obvious the two of them do like each other. But I don't foresee Jill completely running off with Jack when she just broke up with the man she's absolutely crazy about."

Overall, Hank and Jill aren't the only two who will face obstacles. With just a few episodes remaining until Royal Pains says goodbye until the summer, the actress teased:

"Every single relationship will be teased in some way, shape or form. People will have to take a moment, stop and really look at themselves to figure out what they want."

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Jill is very underated, and not given enough to do on the show. She's got more depth; her performance on The Good Wife was fantastic! (Hey, when is Jill ever going back on that show? Loads of fans want to see her back there). The writers simply need to tighten up the writing, and move it in a good direction. Give Jill and Reshma funny lines. Rather bored with the constant camera mugging from Costanzo!


I too want Jill and Hank together. We all know that Jill is not going to leave, just as Divya never left. So why make fans think she is. This show needs a real relationship, not the fakey one of Evan and Paige. While they are cute together, Evan and Paige are too perfect. Never have any problems. Jill and Hank really love each other.


I enjoy Royal Pains, please dont break up jill and hank they have always had such passion and electricity . we need more of that . Theyre great together. I will probably stop watching evry week if they are no longer together. When you brought that other dr in and they let hank get involved. It was awful

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