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"Bones to Pick"

On the Royal Pains season 5 finale, HankMed hangs in the balance while Hank decides on his future within the company and Paige and Evan struggle to save their marriage.

"A Trismus Story"

Paige and Evan come under scrutiny as the campaign heats up while Jeremiah is questioned about Hank's use of pain killers on Royal Pains.

"Open Invitation"

Hank's new approach to Don's treatment doesn't sit well with another physician while Divya uncovers s secret that may change her relationship with Jeremiah on Royal Pains.

"Game of Phones"

When Molly disappears, Hank comes to the rescue and Paige is upset when Evan joins Divya on a trip to Italy on Royal Pains.

"Pins and Needles"

Jeremiah suspects that Hank is having an issue with his pain meds while Divya distrusts the moderate of Evan's political debate on Royal Pains.


An auction at Shadow Pond has Hank, Paige, and Evan joining forces on Royal Pains.

"Chock Full O' Nuts"

Hank treats a spin instructor while becoming impatient with the hospital negotiations while Divya and Jeremiah learn to co-habitate on Royal Pains.

"Can of Worms"

Hank makes a serious business decision while someone against Evan's political aspirations has an accident on Royal Pains.


Paige realizes that there's another side to Blythe while Evan must deal with obstacles to his political aspirations and Hank becomes more involved in the lives of Don and Molly on Royal Pains.

"Pregnant Paws"

Hank and Evan try to process Divya's news and a doggy day care owner needs Hank-Meds help when she falls ill on Royal Pains.