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Great episode of a great series...But, listen Justified, just hire all the Deadwood actors at once and get it over with. Why piece them off this way?


Wondersful beautiful there are not words for how great this show is!!!!!!!


Oh, and not to ignore Walton Goggins, who is super great. He plays so perfectly against Olyphant, as well as of most every other character.


JUSTIFIED is one of the best adaptions of Elmore Leonard that I, as a longtime fan, have ever seen (and I gather Leonard agrees). John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson were good as Leonard characters in movie adaptions, but nobody tops Timothy Olyphant as Raylan, just seeming to catch the Leonard spirit so well. Olyphant has long been underrated as an actor (and hot as well). After Deadwood, I later saw him as the "crazy" vet in " The Perfect Getaway" and was completely convinced.


Sometimes, I'm hard pressed to say what I enjoy more - watching the show or Dan's review - so exciting and well depicted.

Last week's show was good, but a little slow. Oh man, this week - Justified came out blazing-I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. The roulette scene terrified me--and I don't miss Fogle at all - to say he is was not a nice man - is an understatement.

The scene at the bar was epic, (love Goggins) the scene in the trailer was awesome--Raylan Givens is the coolest lawman around - hands downs.

Can't wait until next Tuesday and I too love my DVR---I will re-watch this show!!!


Another winner, this show just keeps getting better and better! Is it tuesday yet?


I can only simply say (again) how much I love this show...From the inception, to the execution, everyone is on their game...Tuesdays,
at work is all about, when this day is over...Justifed is one tonight...
Thankful for DVR so I can watch as many times as I want to before the
next episode...To catch all the little inuendos, smirks and gestures that
I may of missed while pondering the last scene...
I am/was happy to see another Deadwood Alumni here Pruitt Taylor Vince, so
sorry to see him go so early....He is another super actor...
Thank you again to all who put some much effort into a splendid, intelligent and action packed show. Only Six more days until the next episode...


Thanks for the edits people! And kmd, you mean the Dixie Mafia isn't out of Frankfurt, Germany?


i think you mean never MORE evident. otherwise you wouldn't have like the episode


Probably my favorite scene was the one in "Johnnie's" bar when Devil inquires about what Boyd's line is now. Walton Goggins was never more enigmatic. He and Tim were both robbed last year at the Emmys and totally snubbed this year at the Globes.
This show just keeps getting better. I am totally disappointed when the hour is up each week and immediately start counting the days until the next episode. The only other show I do that for is Mad Men. Totally different shows, true, it is the writing, acting, characterization, and ultimately, the story telling, that puts both shows in a whole other league.

Oh, by the way, it's Frankfort, not Frankfurt. We Kentuckians can spell!

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