Men of The CW: At Work, Shirtless!

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What do the following have in common? Wilson Bethel shirtless. Ed Westwick surrounded by bikini-clad woman. Ian Somerhalder in a bathtub.

The answer? They are all featured in the following new CW promo, which promotes a handful of its hits in the most effective (read: SEXY) way possible: by showcasing its hunks at their... hunkiest.

From a soaking wet body in Bluebell body to a stud muffin from Supernatural, sit back, enjoy and thank us later for posting:


mmmmhmmm! Mouth watering... The CW sure recruits some fine samples of the male population to make the world a HOTTER place...


Ian Somerhalder.

David and sabrina 2014

Reading this thing about men being shirtless is going to make girls go out of control of hotness. Some things may go crazy and mysterious in the show, but I mostly want to find out what else happens throughout the season. =) XD =O =P ;P


no competition hands down Jensen Ackles and Ian Somerholder


ohmygod Damon is just way too hot.


Gee - recycled clips. How groundbreaking. And misleading.


mmmm ian somerhalder.....


Klaus and Damon. So true.
Not enough Nate!


why snob supernatural & jensen? so uncool.


More TVD men please :) Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley (who was only seen for like 1 second at the end) aren't the only hot guys on the show.

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