New Gossip Girl Clips: Georgina Vows Revenge!

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"That bitch got me remanded to rehab, banished from Bible camp and abandoned in Belarus ... all for her own enjoyment! If this is supposed to be her happiest day, then I can't wait to rain all over her parade." - Georgina.

If you were curious what prompts Georgina Sparks' return to Gossip Girl and why she might throw a wrench into Blair's big day, she runs down a whole list of reasons in a newly-released sneak peek from Monday's episode.

In a new clip montage, Georgina makes clear her intentions of a takedown, while the reality of getting married hits B hard. Fortunately, Serena is a good Maid of Honor and helps warm up those cold feet ... for now.

The third segment of the video below is one we've already seen, as Nate makes an interesting introduction and reflects upon his past relationships. Charlie's role in this episode is definitely a huge question mark / wild card.

See our Gossip Girl videos page for all the clips and promos from the 100th episode event so far. Then get your first glimpse at G's wrath in the latest sneak preview of the much-anticipated "G.G." below ...

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Ha,ha! I adore her! She should put a stop to this wedding fiasco!


biggest shocker of all would be that G and Blair are related!!! Sorry my theories are flying off the hook now... Ok, I love G, and hope she causes some mayham but also slams some sense into B. Maybe we can have a friendship develop of something.. that would be interesting. I hope G stays as a regular. I want to know what S's OMG moment to dan was -- i was hoping for a Serenate reunion but I have no idea to be honest. monday can't come fast enough.

Dr hollis

Love Michelle Trachtenberg -- she's such a good actress! Looking forward to seeing Georgie bring the mayhem on Monday!


Watching this clip, I think I realized something: I think Georgina's husband loves her in some level. She mentioned all those things and he didn't even blinked, of course he only knows her side of the story but another guy might have questioned her or wondered why so many attacks from Blair, yet this guy doesn't shocked by it. Speaking of it, if I had her in front of me I will tell her that 2 of those things were the result of her scheming, I will admint the Jesus camp thing was a mistake product of a missunderstanding that Blair had regarding Georgina.


I think Blair is definitely going to find out that Dan wrote those vows......then she'll definitely realise that Louis is not the one! Also with Chuck shaking hands with the crooked priest Blair despises and saying "she thinks i'm a villain might as well be one" she might think can never change! Then with knowing Dan has written those vows about her.......


@strychnine twist I doubt that's it. why would she do that when she's trying to keep dan?? and that isn't really 'bad.' I doubt it affects blair's opinion on her wedding since she loves chuck (and half loves louis i guess)


I know that this is the wrong clip, but I had an idea on what Serena did when she said "I did something bad". I think she involuntarily told Blair about Dan's feeling for her.


Love that Michelle Trachtenberg can be a sweetie in her movies, buffy and that nurse show but be a byatch her! Amazeballs. Can't wait!

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