Once Upon a Time Review: A Deadly Disease

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What is love?

On the one hand, it is the source of overwhelming strength and happiness. On the other, it can cause pain more severe than the deadliest disease. Once Upon a Time put its characters and its audience through a storm of emotions with the power of love and heartbreak this week. Let's break it down, shall we?

David and Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret runs to get coffee at "7:15 A.M." every morning, but it's not a caffeine fix that's got her so wired. It's the chance to see David walk past to buy his own cup of joe. Oh, and one for his wife too. Ouch.

Mary Margaret's got it bad. She knows it's a mistake but she can't stay away. As if things can't get any worse, she literally runs into Katherine... who is buying a pregnancy test. Double ouch.

Little does she know that David's got it just as bad as she does. In a funny little twist, he's buying his coffee at 7:15 just so he can catch a glimpse of her

When Katherine tells David that her being pregnant would have been a disaster, I laughed at how quickly and how strongly he agreed. That should really have told them both something about their relationship. Yet David still agrees to go to counseling to save their marriage. 

Then, fate seemingly intervenes as the star crossed lovers try their best to avoid one another only to both get coffee at 7:45 A.M. The heated kiss that follows is lovely, if only Regina weren't watching. I wish it were Katherine who saw them. That could have ended this mess a whole lot faster. Regina will only torture them all.

Bird Holding

Snow and James. I love that James simply calls her Snow. There's something intimate about the moniker. And Snow may be my favorite character of the entire show. She's a kick ass heroine, spunky, smart, and fun. When she's thrown in jail she never gives up. She sacrifices herself to save Grumpy. Then she makes the ultimate sacrifice and breaks James' heart in order to save him. 

But Snow's own broken heart is her undoing. The blank look on her face when Grumpy tells her the wedding is off is worse to witness than the heartbreak. If only our heroine could have been strong for one more day. Sigh. 

I suppose Charming will just have to make her fall in love with him all over again.

Back in Storybrooke, we get a little more about our mystery man and his box. He's a writer and he's carrying a typewriter. He also owes Emma a drink.

A few side notes:

  • The King and the Evil Queen should really get together. They'd make one heck of a heartless couple.
  • So there were once eight dwarves? Looks like Stealthy should have been a little stealthier.
  • I hope we get to find out what prompted the wedding to be cancelled. I feel like there's an entire story that we've missed.
  • The look of the leaves falling around Mary Margaret after the storm is really stunning.  I always love the visuals on this show.
  • Just when I think Rumplestiltskin can't get any creepier, he proves me wrong yet again.

So, how many tissues did you use watching this episode? And I'm at a loss as to which fairy tale character our mystery writer is so if you've got the answer or at least a theory, let me in on it. I want to know.


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Great episode! Loved all the Snow/Charming and MM/David scenes! They're sooooo... everything! I love them! I did think "Grimm!" too when mysterious dude showed the typewriter. Wow, Ruby is Red Riding Hood! Hate that I didn't call that earlier. :P


It was awesome.. i think the mystery guy is a representation of the mirror


hey, thanks alot for the uaopld, i've been searching for one for ages, my usual site didnt have it up yet.and btw i thought i might let you know that the mirror is actually faster to uaopld then the other one, around twice as fast. (it may just be my computer though)just thought i'd let ya know


My theory is that the mystery writer is one of the Grimm brothers.


I think the mystery man is future Henry!! Regina says he looks vaguely familiar. Who would you visit if you went back in time?! Yourself of course!! And Regina tells Emma the man took a special interest in Henry. And as Henry is trying to write the stories the mystery man says "good luck writing your story" strangely. And he has the book now.


Also, I don't think the writer is the mirror, as we've already seen that character (he is the editor of the paper and works for the queen)I do think he is the creator of the book, and may have the ability to affect what is written in it. Don't know if he's good or bad yet..... and I still miss the Sheriff/Huntsman.. sigh!


@Diane - I believe the original story says, the mirror only speaks the truth. It also has no emotions,and doesn't mean harm to Snow. The Queen has her own hangups, as we can see.


Isn't the Queen's problem with Snow the result of the mirror? I always thought that the talking mirror told the Queen that Snow was the fairest in the land, not her. So being the jealous, vengeful type, the Queen ordered her hunstman to kill Snow White. The huntsman had a change of heart and let her go.


Great episode! I think it would be impossible not to root for David and Mary Margaret.


Rumplestiltskin is unfriggin'believable! I love Robert Carlyle. Every week he outdoes himself but DAMN! was he creepy to the max this week. Showing up in that little rowboat and looking more lizard-y than ever?!? More please. And somebody get him some Whitestrips!

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